Southern Plains Bison Pointers February 2018

  Pasture Management   February in the south can be hard to set your planning calendar by. We can have lots of moisture cycle extremes and the best plan is to be ready for anything. Much of the drought-stricken areas have experienced relief, while some are still waiting. This reality can make it hard to know how to plan your AU’s (Animal Units) for the habitat/ farm/ ranch. Personally, I suggest to folks that you plan for what you have, intentionally under-stock, and keep track of that balance. The equation that will serve you well is; (Land first) /( bison … Read more

Southern Bison Plains Pointers November 2016

Fast Times Where the Buffalo Roam     Everything is happening all at once and my advice is to: get ready – get set – & SLOW DOWN.  In the southern plains, we tend to work herds later in the year than in the north, mostly because our weather cooperates and the calves tend to be heavier and more able to leave their mother seamlessly.  Our cool season grasses and other forages also tend to kick into gear about now, so working to early may interrupt some late breeding. Personally, I consider a late-bred cow half full, rather than half … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: May 2015

  We have been getting so much water where I am, that I have actually observed fish in my pasture! They are Gambusia, and because they are involuntarily migrating to small run-off catches and working their little butts off eating mosquito larvae by intent and design of my system is good, but I am still observing; freaking-fish-in-my-pasture!! I have also observed snails on my grass, and yes, tons and tons of green feed. In nature, every paradigm contains paradox, and when balance is disrupted by an excess of anything, there is payment due. In the case of too much rain, … Read more

Texas Bison Week

Texas Celebrates  Texas Bison Week: First full week of May through 2022 By: The Buffalo Drum News Team Did you miss it? Don’t worry; we got a whole year to get ready for Texas Bison Week – 2016!! Texas bison week was initiated by Debbie Northrop for her Texas Bison Festival, and carried on, with her permission, by the Texas Bison Association annually every year. During the 83rd legislature, the year that bison were graciously included to the Texas Ag Code language under the Estray laws, the TBA once again requested the ceremonial proclamation of Texas Bison Week. To our … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Mar 2015

Southern Plains Pointers – March 2015 Red Dot Alert! The first new lines of 2015 models are sprinkling the southern plains with big heavy brown clouds gathering and indicating a big event.  It will soon be ‘Raining Red-Dots’. The colors of the southern plains this time of year are brilliant and diverse as ecological succession paints a canvas never to be repeated and enhanced by the colors of sable and chocolate-brown. If you are lucky enough to see this in your travels, or on your property, squint and take away all things civilization and behold – the southern plains a millennia … Read more

Bison & the Anthropogenic Reality

                                                          “Cool-Aid v.s. Real-i-Tea”                                                                     An Eon or two ago, the North American pre-man wild-scape developed a thing called grass. It thrived and adapted into a decadent indigenous member of the ecological community. It was a literal sea of life, un-managed and virtually un-interrupted and must have appeared as if beauty were the objective. According to the laws of nature, which are frustrating to yet another decadent indigenous or not depending … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: July 2013

It’s getting crazy out there! Bulls are ‘roaring’, tending and sparring causing you to begin sensing that you might not be as safe out there on foot all of the sudden. Trust your senses…. And don’t be out there on foot this time of year. They’re busy and other than feeding, they require the benefit of our absence. Feeding is a smart thing to do in the summer if Texas bison is your bag.  Another smart thing to do is planning for the coming fall, winter and your marketing strategy options with plenty of time to consider many alternatives. Planning … Read more