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Just In !!….AAB Ballcaps. Since AAB finally has a logo that I can get behind and it truly represents what we are about, I have had some caps made.

Trading Post Wes Olsen

Wes Olsen, a famous author, and artist was kind enough to make my new logo happen.  He wore one of my new caps at the recent  Canadian Bison Association conference. He was there in part to promote his new book. Which is incredible and can be had on Amazon in either Canada or the US. 


My new logo, by Wes, is of Woods, Plains, and European Bison  (left to right)

AAB Logo by Wes Olson TM



Trading Post

Trading Post

Trading Post
Black Cap

Trading Post

Trading Post



Navy with Tan logo


Light Gray with Purple logo Dark Gray with Pink logo





















Some colors are sold out and can’t be restocked due to supply issues. I am being told this fall. Please contact me about availability. 


A selection of Bison skulls, hides, and goods.


American Bison Robe

Trading Post American Bison Robe


This skull is from Curly Bill, Curly was so named for his horn curl. He was an awesome breeding bull who passed about a year ago. His skull is not for sale, just wanted you to see how massive they are and their skulls don’t really do them justice. RIP Curly.

Trading Post Curly Bill SkullTrading Post Curly Bill


FeatheredTrading Post Bison Skulls & Hides


Horn Caps



Trading Post Bison Skulls & HidesTrading Post Bison Skulls & Hides