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Jan/Feb 1914

CITY TO PURCHASE BISON: The Sioux City Real Estate Association’s dream of wild buffalo roaming the sylvan stretches of Stone Park will become a reality. Moreover, the dream will be enhanced to include wild goats, antelope and possibly a hippopotamus, if civic pride is powerful enough to obtain such a menagerie. The City Council will provide the buffalo. Private donors will be depended on to augment the zoological garden. The buffalo will cost about $250 each. Calves only will be purchased.



Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, Wiscon. Feb 28 1914


Here’s Your Chance to Start Menagerie in the Oshkosh Parks –

Park Board Proceedings.
……If Oshkosh wants to invest in one of more specimens of the American bison, commonly known as the buffalo, it now has the opportunity. The fact was developed at a meeting of the park board yesterday afternoon, when a communication from John E. Sloats, sales manager of the Scotty Phillips buffalo herd at Gettysburg, S.D., was read. Mr. Sloats stated that the estate of the late Scotty Phillips is being administered and that in the process of settlement it will be necessary to dispose of a herd of 438 had a buffalo within the next three months. He wanted to know if the park board did not wish to purchase one or more of the animals. The board evidently has not the means or desire for acquiring the menagerie, but Mr. Sloats’ letter was ordered placed on file.