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Dr Jeff Martin: Whence the Buffalo Roamed:
When and Where Were Bison Roaming During Colonial North America and Before?


Buffalo Tracks Austin Corbin

1888 Austin Corbin   NH   February -CJ Jones   +6hd   3 bulls and 3 heifers $500 each from the gather in Texas

1889 Austin Corbin   NH   CJ Jones Nov/Dec   +12hd   6 bulls 6 heifers 1888 herd and more in 89?    ($13,000 Carload Jan 1890) Bedson animals

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   January   17hd   sixteen buffalo and a three-months-old calf- AAB

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   October   21hd   Col. O.B. Davis “Corbin has twenty-one head” “Has shipped two car loads of buffalo in the past to Corbin-gathered from the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains”

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   March   25hd    Sun Journal Lewiston Maine March 2

1892 Austin Corbin   NH   CJ Jones December   +10hd/22hd   Two bulls and eight cows- ten 5-year-olds which he had caught himself on the Staked Plains In the northwestern part of Texas

1892 Austin Corbin   NH   January 1893   +11calves   Eleven calves were born during the year just closed.

1894 Austin Corbin   NH   Increased February   40 head   10 bulls and 30 cows by June numbers told over 50

1894 Austin Corbin   NH   Bull   -1hd   Cleveland (bull) died, killed in a fight and broke his neck. Placed on the range less than a year ago.

1896 Austin Corbin   NH   NY Van Cortland park (loan)   -30hd/45hd   November 1896-given to the city of New York and placed in Van Cortland park. Austin died in this year and since then numbers have been sold and donated to various parks and individuals throughout the country and some to Europe. He later wanted them back because of their sad care given the herd. (later -all died)

1897 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase-August    82hd   Forest & Stream

1900 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase-May   98   Freehold Transcript/Montreal River Miner

1902 Austin Corbin   NH   Boston Sportsmen’s exhibition –January   -2hd   The bull and cow bison which will be shipped from the Austin Corbin game preserve in New Hampshire for the Sportsmen’s exhibition -loaned or donated?

1902 Austin Corbin   NH   February 14th   110hd   George Edgell-part owner (1901 had a bad calf season)

1903 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase   173hd   Estimate given

1904 Austin Corbin   NH   National Zoological Park D.C.   -3hd/160   ABS

1908 Austin Corbin   NH   Mt Nat’l Bison Reserve   -3hd/156hd    herd 65 bulls and 71 cows.  3 bison were donated to start the Montana National Bison Reserve (150 ABS) 20 calves

1910 Austin Corbin   NH   106hd   Bulls 36 and the cows to 70

1912 Austin Corbin   NH   86hd   41 Bulls and 45 cows,

1914 Austin Corbin   NH   69hd   41 Bulls and only 28 cows, making a total of 69 head, of which 13 were calves

1914 Austin Corbin   NH   Wind Cave   -5hd   Blue Mountain Forest Association offers a gift of 5 bison to the American Bison Society, for stocking the Wind Cave Preserve

1917 Austin Corbin   NH   Pisgah National Forest   -6hd   6 buffalo, 3bulls, and 3 cows to start Pisgah National Forest and Game Preserve in N.C.

1930 Austin Corbin   NH   1930-1946    last bison killed to avoid the spread of Bangs