Savior Metal Bison Sculpture

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Savior Metal Bison Sculpture


Trixie a.k.a. “savior” Metal Bison Sculpture ~ was modeled after one of our cows. (finished 03/28/20)

Trixie turning her headTrixie

One the U.S. side is the flag showing forward movement (backward) and pictures of all the men noted for helping save the American bison from extinction.

Metal Bison Sculpture savior


Charles Goodnight     –   C. E. Conrad
Michel Pablo   –   Walking Coyote
Charles Allard   –   Little Falcon Robe
William Hornaday   –  ABS
Frank Dupris (Dupree)
Austin Corbin
Scotty Phillips
William Whitney
Teddy Roosevelt
Harold Baynes

US bison saviors

The Canadian side is their flag with the men who help in Canada
Canadian Bison Association

Bison Sculpture saviorCharles Alloway
James McKay
Samuel Bedson
Howard Eaton
Ephrem Brisebois
Donald Smith
Alex Ayotte
Frank Oliver
Norman Luxton
Howard Douglas
Canada bison saviors



The right hind is an eagle feather with Walking Coyote credit. There are some elders who say those bison belonged to Little Falcon Robe and others say Walking Coyote. Little Falcom Robe was the son of Blanket Hawk. Blanket Hawk asked the elders several times to capture and keep some bison for their own herd. He was denied every time. Later when Little Falcon Robes’ mother married Walking Coyote, they said he was able to do what his father could not. I personally don’t know what version is the truth in history so I gave both credits. The left hind has a falcon feather with credit to Little Falcom Robe.

savior Metal Bison Sculpture Walking Coyote creditsavior Metal Bison Sculpture Walking Coyote












savior Metal Bison Sculpture Little Falcon Robe

I welded over 16,000 hairs on this metal bison sculpture ~ ‘savior’ and like Demise she is made all from scrap metal.


savior Metal Bison Sculpture Trixie