I have reached out to the zoo to see if they still have the bison…waiting to hear back

BELGRADE:  May 2018 -One of the world’s rarest animals – a white bison – has been born at Belgrade Zoo, officials said.

The calf, named Dušanka, was born on Monday and trotted around her enclosure in “good health”, according to the zoo’s veterinarian.

Serbia White American Bison
A white bison born at Belgrade Zoo was given the name “Dušanka”. (AFP pic)

“According to my information, no other (American) white bison has been born in Europe,” veterinarian Jožef Ezveđ said.

“Her father Jovan (a white bison) came to us in 2007, imported from America when he was still very young, practically a baby. Dušanka inherited his genes,” Ezveđ added.

“We are making sure that she is in good health and that she enjoys a peaceful childhood.”

Many Native Americans consider white bison to be a good omen and a symbol of hope.

Thousands of Native Americans joined in celebrations of the birth of a female white bison in the US state of Wisconsin in 1994.

“Perhaps we should inform them? Bison among Native Americans are very important in terms of mythological significance,” Ezveđ said.  source


Serbia white bison calf
Izvor: Tanjug / Dragan Kujundzic

“The Belgrade zoo is one of the few that have a white bison which is traditionally a sacred animal for native American tribes. It is a symbol of hope, unity and luck in the future. Just one white bison is born for every 10 million calves,” a press release by the zoo management said.

Herds of American bison now live in reservations and are an endangered species after being killed in their thousands for their hides and meat in the 19th century.

Belgrade zoo (Beo Zoo Vrt in Serbian) is also known as the Garden of Good Hope (Vrt Dobre Nade), a name given to it by its late manager Vuk Bojovic.

The zoo, considered to be one of the oldest in Europe, claims to have the oldest living American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in captivity named Muja who was brought to the zoo as an adult male in 1937 a year after its opening. Beo Zoo Vrt is home to the biggest pride of white lions in captivity