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Buffalo Tracks Researching…..the foundation bison herds.


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Dr Jeff Martin: Whence the Buffalo Roamed:
When and Where Were Bison Roaming During Colonial North America and Before?


I am tracking all the bison from [our] beginning of the ‘foundation’ herds. Walking Coyote, Samuel Bedson, Charles Alloway, James McKay, and the others. It has been much more time-consuming than I originally thought it would be, but I did add other information to my database as I went along. I will be adding those pieces to the individual pages as time permits. 

All of this information is nice to know but I’m not sure how useful it is today. Other than knowing all our bison mixed back then. Hornaday, when looking for animals wanted to take from at least 3 different herds. A few years before they shipped to Wichita, Pablo and Pawnee both offered 10 head each. I can’t find where that ever happened in those numbers. It may be the timing was way too soon and Wichita was not even set up yet. 

I tracked from the beginning of a herd to about 1905 to 1910, I went where the information led me. When the ABS was in full force, there was no reason for me to redo their work. Although there are a couple of herds that I did do a deep dive into, the mystery was too great for me to resist and some interesting information has come to light. 

Buffalo Tracks



I am still researching some of these herds, namely in Canada, but a few in the U. S. Like Sen. Pettigrew, and Moosehead, where did they come from, or where did they go? Etc.,  

Sorting and cleaning up all the information I found, so check back at a later date to see any changes. Bear with me, this was a lot. 



1873 James McKay/Alloway  CAN  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan   3hd  Taken to McKay’s home at Deer Lodge in Winnipeg 3 calvesBuffalo Tracks -Charles Alloway

1874 James McKay/Alloway  CAN  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan   5hd  “two little heifers and a husky little bull,” although one died en route to Deer Lodge.

1877/78 James McKay/Alloway  CAN  herd grown   13hd   10 purebred 3 crosses  $1,000

1877/78 Col. Bedson  CAN   Bought from Charles Alloway  10 purebred 3 crosses plus a new calf just born. (14hd)

1883 Col. Bedson  CAN   From James McKay   23hd   drove in five buffalo calves, and these fell into the possession of James McKay, half-breed, familiarly known as Tonka Jim. The buffalo calves were for four years in Winnipeg, and through being allowed to mix unmolested with the cattle of the place where multiplied by 1883 to 23, this number included hybrids with domestic cattle. In 1882 the entire herd of 23 was sold to Samuel L. Bedson, the warden of the Winnipeg

1885 Col. Bedson  CAN   Herd Increase   26/15Xs   9 being half breeds 6 were 3/4ths the rest were pure

1887 Col. Bedson  CAN   January     68/18 Xs    Mr. Bedson & Major Bell, of the Bell farm at Qu’Appelle -NW Buffalo Breeding Co.

1887 Col. Bedson  CAN   October   1hd   A genuine buffalo was seen on the reserves south of Burnside this week by Mr. K. McKenzie. It is supposed to be one of the animals which escaped from Warden Bedson’s ranch last fall.

1888 Col Bedson  CAN   Herd Balance   -27hd   Sold to Sir Donald Smith (to pay a debt), 5  were killed and 9 given away, which would otherwise make a total of 97 head produced since 1877.

1888 Col Bedson  CAN   Herd Balance   -14hd   Since then their increase had been rapid, as in addition to the 83 which at present constitutes the herd, there have been five killed at various periods and nine given away or sold. It is said $35,000 to $50,000 was paid for the herd. 

1888 Col. Bedson  CAN   November   -83hd   Sold  to CJ Jones 23 full-blood bulls, 35 cows,3 half-breed cows, 5 half-breed bulls, and 17 calves, mixed and pure  (35 – $50,000)


1873 Walking Coyote or belonged to “Little Falcon Robe”, aka Blanket Hawk,  MT   Piegan Indian   1hd   Famished Buffalo bull calf -story told by Told by Que que sah & later Tony Barnaby, son-in-law of Michael Pablo

1873 Walking Coyote  MT   Gathered from Montana   4hd   by Chief Moses Michell -3 calves

1878 Walking Coyote  MT   Gathered from  Montana   7 calves   Bull & heifer 1st trip, 2nd trip 2 bulls 3 heifers as recalled by Charles Aubrey – Trading post on Marias River

1884 Walking Coyote  MT   -10hd   Chas. Allard and Michael Pablo bought of an Indian named Samuel ten head of buffalo, which the Indian brought from east of the Rocky mountains


1866  Charles Goodnight TX Palo Dura Texas  +3cfs  Gave to a partner who later sold them w/o CG knowledge

1878  Charles Goodnight  TX  Gathered Texas Canyon   +2hd   1 heifer 1 bull calf

1878  Charles Goodnight  TX   Gathered Texas Canyon 1878/80   +3hd  Gather by Walter and Leigh Dyer 2 calves (brothers of Mary Ann) one of the heifers died before it was of breeding age, leaving one bull and two heifers as the nucleus of the now famous herd.

1879  Charles Goodnight  TX   1878/80  +1 calf/4hd    By T Anchors   

Buffalo Tracks - Oklahoma Press
Charles Goodnight Cowboy and the Plainsman written by J.E. Haley

1881  Charles Goodnight   TX    From Neighboring Ranch  +2hd/6hd  Colonel B.B. Groom’s ranch on the Canadian 1 yr & 1-2yo

1883  Charles Goodnight  TX  Texas   1hd/7hd   A  brindle cattalo calf, near the carcass of the Texas cow

1888  Charles Goodnight  TX  Herd Increase  13hd  Hornaday: 2 three-year-old bulls, 7cows, and 4 calves-One cow is a half-breed (calf caught on plains in 83′?) 

1891 Charles Goodnight   TX   Imported a bull in June/Jul  +1hd  Bull from Lee’s Summit Missouri.

1892  Charles Goodnight  TX  Herd increase  32hd  – 32 Cows, how many bulls is unknown cattalo?

1892  Charles Goodnight   TX  Herd Increase   He has even bought at times when buffalo were offered for sale single he or in little families. He has sent men all over the West in search of the scattered remnants of the once countless herds. No sales at this point.

1893  Charles Goodnight  TX   Herd Increase Dec 26.   24hd   Buffalo full blood

1894  Charles Goodnight  TX   Herd Increase     25/30      25 or 30 full-blooded buffalo and as many more half-breeds

1896  Charles Goodnight  TX    February Buffalo Zoo NY   -2hd  Cows sent to Buffalo Zoo NY- Frank Crandell BZNY

1896 Charles Goodnight  TX  September 26th US Gov.    -5hd   Sold to US Government Two old bulls, one yearling heifer and old cow. The 5th ?

1897 Charles Goodnight TX   Herd Increase August   50hd     St Jo Herald says 36 pure blood buffalo.

1897 Charles Goodnight TX   TG Blackstock   -3hd   Sold to TG 3hd Bull and two cows for Banff

1898  Charles Goodnight TX   Herd Increase     63hd    Abt. 63 In all, buffalo and crosses

1898 Charles Goodnight  TX   Sold at Auction    -1hd    Old buffalo bull @.10 per lb about 14 years of age weighed 1,850

1898 Charles Goodnight TX   Brackenridge Park, Texas   -5hd    Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas

1899 Charles Goodnight  TX    Sept- Germany     -5     Buffalo Jones has gone to Goodnight Texas, to get seven buffalo which he will ship  5 east. (Europe)

1899 Charles Goodnight  TX  Sept-Madison Square Park -2   Buffalo Jones has gone to Goodnight Texas, to get seven buffalo which he will ship 2 Madison Square Park NY

1899  Charles Goodnight TX  Sept- Zoological Park Bronx -7hd   4 Bulls , 2 Cows, 1 yrl Delivered by Jones

1900  Charles Goodnight  TX  Elitch’s Park, Colorado    -2hd   Elitch’s Park Colorado -several among them one of the first ever caught; (came here or Denver)

1901 Charles Goodnight TX  Denver    -1hd     Bull for Denver Zoo

1901 Charles Goodnight TX   Hornaday sent out plea’s-animals arrived Oct 1 -4hd       Goodnight 4hd 3bulls – 1 cow – Ed Hewens Bull, Cow and yrl hfr – $500 for cows $400 for bulls CJ Jones selected the animals from Goodnight and delivered them. National Zoological Park

1901 Charles Goodnight TX  Herd Increase abt 50hd    And may have just as many crosses.

1902 Charles Goodnight TX   Bulls Yellowstone   -3 Bulls   Donated to Yellowstone (est 23 animals now in park)

1902 Charles Goodnight  TX   Fall- Buffalo Bill    -8hd   Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (two were killed during loading)

1902 Charles Goodnight  TX  April 16    60-70hd   Full Blood all sexes and sizes 17 bulls, the rest cows and hfrs. A number of hybrids

1903 Charles Goodnight ? TX   July – Howard Eaton -Pablo Allard   2hd? Others will be shipped to Mr. Eaton’s herd in Dakota, and still others to Texas, where there is a herd, the idea being to infuse new blood into those herds. Did they go to Goodnight?

1903 Charles Goodnight TX  Brackenridge Park, Texas   -3hd   Brackenridge Park San Antonio Three buffalo yearlings, two heifers and one bull, the gift of Col. Geo. W. Brackenridge in Antonio, arrived here today for the Goodnight ranch in the Panhandle

1903 Charles Goodnight  TX   Herd Increase   73/50 Xs    Full blood/Crosses

1904 Charles Goodnight  TX   Herd Increase    50 hd   Mark Sullivan census taker

1906 Charles Goodnight   TX   Peter Roth, Nevada   -15hd    Peter Roth has started a buffalo farm near Las Vegas and has received from Charles Goodnight, the well-known buffalo raiser, fifteen buffalo calves six months old each.               

1908 Charles Goodnight  TX   Herd Increase    91hd/100Xs    Born on ranch 21 new calves 70 Grown

1909 Charles Goodnight  TX  Conrad Herd- Nat’l Bison Range -2hd   Charles Goodnight of Texas forwarded his gift pair of young buffaloes to the Conrad estate at Kalispell, to be kept there pending erection of the fence at the bison preserve. The male buffalo died, and the female was shipped with the Conrad herd to Ravalli. Nation Bison Range

1912 Charles Goodnight TX  Herd Increase  120+  ABS

1914 Charles Goodnight  TX  Herd Increase    164hd     35 were bulls, 107 were cows, and 22 were calves

1915 Charles Goodnight TX    Reynolds  Ranch   -5hd  Sold to Reynolds Hereford Ranch They grew that little herd to over 200 head by the 1950’s and put on buffalo hunts supervised by the Game and Fish commission. 4 cows and one bull

1915 Charles Goodnight  TX  W.O. Dunlop  -45hd     W. O. Dunlap is not a cattleman, although he is attending the convention. He is a buffalo man for he bought 45 head of buffalo from the Goodnight ranch and is having good success with them.

1915 Charles Goodnight  TX  J P Slaughter ranch  -3hd  Sent on a train and two of the bulls fought and killed each other. Only one bull survived and he was sent back.

1916 Charles Goodnight  TX  Herd Increase   148/35   Charles Goodnight has 148 buffalo and 35 cattalo

1921 Charles Goodnight  TX   Texas A&M  -2hd   On November 16 1921, a pair of buffalo yearlings were purchased and placed in a corral on the campus. The mascots were named Charles and Mary Ann in honor of their former owners. Col. and Mrs Charles Goodnight.

1923 Ranch Sold w/buffalo  TX   Ranch Sold  to  J.I. Straley, an oilman from Wichita Falls. Straley was in partnership with his sisters husband.

1924 C Goodnight-J.I. Staley  TX   Ranch sold   >200hd    the increase being sold off or butchered for meat and hides. This year surplus of buffalo calves was purchased by that Burnett ranch interest of Iowa Park. (In 1932, “Hugh Exum, manager of the ranch (6666 Ranch) , told me he was posting the place,” Cardwell said. “He has five buffalo he got from the Goodnight ranch and he is going to see what he can do.’  Tom L Burnett died in 1938 and the last 14 head of his buffalo were sold to two ranchers of the same area who planned to use them for stock purposes in May of 1936. Two of them will be exhibited at the centennial exposition in Dallas)

1929 C Goodnight-J.I. Staley  TX  Goodnight died in 1929, and he wanted the state to take over his ranch and bison herd.    209hd   The American Bison Society recorded this herd in 1929 as having 208 head, it was listed as Charles Goodnight-J.I. Staley


1868 CJ Jones  KS   Hunting   “Forty Years of Adventure” to County Commissioner Joe Gooch, who was with him on his buffalo-hunting expedition in 1868.

1872 CJ Jones  KS    12hd   Sold for 7.50 ahead-he claims in Forty Years of Adventure at that time $2.50 for a bull skin and a $1.50 for a cow skin, delivered in Chicago

1875 CJ Jones   KS   October Wild West Hunt/Show Cleared $1K   hd?   The hunt however, was rather diaphanous: the buffalo walked through the fence, the wolf went under it and escaped to the woods, and the jack rabbits didn’t get a fair start before the dog’s corralled them. Plan another at Woodland Park next week.

1883 CJ Jones    KS   4hd    from a bunch of four in 1883 his herd has grown to 137 in 1888, and besides the twenty-three cross-breeds which he has, he believes that he has about one hundred domestic cows in calf to buffalo bulls.

1885 CJ Jones    KS     April -May NM/TX     +’7hd    Roped 11 cfs – Killed a Bull-seen two herds of 300, 20  (story repeated at Carbondale Pennsylvania Mar 30 1899)

1886 CJ Jones   KS   April- Texas – New Mexico   +4hd   100 miles past Cimarron river, in neutral strip 14 calves caught, only 4 survived 5 grown were killed 3B/2C  Only four were saved, all over six month old dying quickly.

1887 CJ Jones   KS   May -west of Kansas-No Mans Land   4yrl/’+7cfs   In the pasture at Jones has eleven buffalo calves. Four of these are yearlings, the other seven are the calves of this year’s hunt. -caught 14 calves

1888 CJ Jones   KS   February 21st Herd   35hd   American bison to the number of thirty-five head are located on a ranch belonging to Mr. C. J. Jones, near Garden City, Finney county. He has, as said, thirty-five head, of which 25 are yearlings-math doesn’t add up

1888 CJ Jones   KS   February   -1hd   NY-While there he sold one of his older buffalo bulls for $2,500

1888 CJ Jones   KS   To Austin Corbin   -6hd   He sold to Mr. Austin Corbin, of this city, six head of buffalo, three bulls and three heifers. These are a part of Mr. Jones’ herd of tame buffalo, and were captured by him as calves down in the Indian Nation and Texas.

1888 CJ Jones   KS   Spring -Gathered in Texas   +32hd   and caught thirty-seven calves, saving thirty-two. I staked out two of them on the prairie one dark night, and had the misfortune to have them devoured by wolves.

1888 CJ Jones   KS   Gordon Pawnee Bill Lillie   -3hd   For Wild West Show -young stock

1888 CJ Jones(Dick Williams)   KS   Texas – April   0hd   Neutral Strip and Panhandle country, during this trip they found 20 cows in an attempt to drive 11back, killed them .

1888 CJ Jones   KS   June 7 1888   40hd   Told another reporter (June 1888 he had 40 head and quite a herd of crosses

1888 CJ Jones   KS   Crosses born at ranch, published Nov 14, 1888   16 X’s   18 crosses were born and 16 lived-Galloway

1888 CJ Jones   KS   Several killed in transport-Fall   +83hd   S Bedson (sold out) -35 pure females, 23 pure males, 3 females cross and 5 cross males, as well as 17 calves.  $28,000

1888 CJ Jones   KS   December   130-150est   127 full-bloods, about half bulls and half cows, 23, ranging 1/2 blood, 3/4ths, 7/8 ths & 15/16ths/slaughtered one steer 3/4th buffalo. 3 years  Nov 29th-Jones now has in herd about 133 all that are left

1888 CJ Jones   KS   3/4 buffalo steer for meat   -1   I have only slaughtered one steer three-fourths buffalo. 3 years old. He dressed 1,280 pounds. I sold the meat for 18 cents per pound and the robe for 75, undressed

1889 CJ Jones   KS   January 2yo bull   -1   Mr. Jones got $500 for 2-year-old buffalo bull.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   January Bedson herd    -6hd   2-year-old buffalo bull sold for $500.00 -No less than six of the buffaloes taken from here by Buffalo Jones were killed before St. Paul was reached. The animals fought in the cars all the way down, and in addition to the six killed,- one was so seriously injured that it may die.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   January Lynch & Glassman   -36hd   “Buffalo Jones” is taking to Garfield Beach, Salt Lake, thirty-six head of buffaloes, lately purchased of George Benson

1889 CJ Jones   KS    March to July   +7cfs   Only seven calves could be found. These were captured and saved. “We lassoed 22 cows, hobbled them and started home, but it was simply time lost, as all of them went mad and died.” Only three got away from us. They were killed the following winter.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   Loaned out 31hd for a new Wild West Show   -31hd   Loaned-They have taken them to Chicago for exhibition and will take them to London and Paris, Among the attractions will be Miss Hattie Carter, an expert horsewoman, who can but ride and out lasso any cow boy on the plains.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   April 1889   134est   Previous to his purchase of the Bedson herd he owned thirty-three cows and twenty-four bulls, which he had purchased in the Texas Panhandle  57hd

1889 CJ Jones   KS   May 9 1889 sold two from Bedson herd   -2hd   Riverside Ranch, North Dakota Bull and Cow (Bedson Herd)

1889 CJ Jones   KS   A few head –June   -3hd?   A New York firm that has a few buffalo has purchased two heifers for breeding purposes and they will be forwarded to that city once.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   3,100 lb bull Cross   -1hdX   Some idea of the tremendous weight of these animals is obtained from the statement that one bull which unfortunately died lately weighed 3,100 pounds. -K.C. Globe.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   31est on loan to New Wild West Show   +27hd   Left the first part of February -reported  returned in April 11th minus 4 head that died 

1889 CJ Jones    KS   Herd count May 1st   135est   Fifty full bloods and 10 half breeds-plus the Bedson herd he said maybe 75hd of them. (some cows are bred-calves coming)

1889 CJ Jones   KS   Nov   -12   Sold to Austin Corbin  Six buffaloes were shipped to Fargo on Saturday and six more were shipped to the same place yesterday (Bedson)

1889 CJ Jones   KS   Dec    Lynch & Glassman -Utah November   -40hd/36hd?    “Forty head of Buffalo cattle spent Sunday at the South Omaha . stock yards.” They came from Stony Mountain, Man. and are en route for Garfield Beach, Salt Lake Hd Cnt not conclusive

1889 CJ Jones   KS   November   +21cf/1Xcf   Mr. Jones says the herd now in the States was increased Iast spring by twenty-one thoroughbred and four cross-bred calves. A number of the cross-bred calves died on account of Inattention.

1889 CJ Jones   KS   December- Bedson herd   -2hd   Several of the herd were maimed, owing to the trouble in lassoing, and a cow and   a bull died at Minneapolis from the effects of their capture

1890 CJ Jones   KS   January   -1hd    Bull for meat  .50cents a pound

1890 CJ Jones   KS   March   -2   Jones sold two of his buffalo calves the other day for $500 a piece

1890 CJ Jones   KS   May 30-40 from Manitoba the rest Texas Pan Handle   92hd   Mr. Jones remarked that he owned one-half of all the buffalo in the United States and nobody owns the rest. “There’s perhaps 175 or 200 buffalo yet in this country,” he said, “and I own ninety-two of them. 30 of them calves, which I Intend crossing with the ordinary cattle

1891 CJ Jones   KS   SF Calif. Zoo Bull February   -1hd   Bull sold to zoo That one calf brought me $800, and is now in the Golden Gate park in San Francisco (caught in 1888) -new calf at zoo from bull in 1896

1891 CJ Jones   KS   Feb _Garden City herd   hd?   Buffalo Jones herd of buffaloes at Garden City were sold at sheriffs sale last week to satisfy a mortgage of $8,000 held against them. 

1891 CJ Jones   KS   Buffalo Bill Cody  May   +6hd   Some time since Buffalo Bill bought six buffaloes from Buffalo Jones for his Wild West Show last week the buffaloes were replevined in Omaha by Mr Jones not having been paid for and on Wednesday morning were unloaded at the stock yards here.

1891 CJ Jones   NE   Herd Moved May   Buffalo Jones has removed h herd, of sixty buffalo from Garden City, Kan., to Culbertson, where they will hereafter be kept ‘This is the only herd of any size in the world of these animals.

1891 CJ Jones   NE   5 pairs October – Bedson herd   -10hd    C.J. Leland Liverpool accompanied by Boor. Hagerston castle, in Northumberland

1891 CJ Jones   NE   Russia   -2hd   St. Petersburg to the Imperial Park

1892 CJ Jones   NE   Jan    +6hd   Buffalo Jones has purchased six buffalo belonging to the estate of the late Gus Cole near Oxford. They will be added to his herd near McCook. G. H. Cole, was killed by one of the vicious animals

1892 CJ Jones   NE   Pawnee Bill January   -12hd   Pawnee Bill has purchased six head of buffalo from Buffalo Jones-8 Cows and 4 Bulls

1892 CJ Jones   NE   Herd Increase-April    65/20hd   5 New calves born-He has about 65 head of full bloods and 15 or 20 grades

1892 CJ Jones   NE   May-Halcyon Heights/ Benson and Halcyon Heights Motor line         Held Up In Court’-65hd   The herd consists of forty-two full blood buffalo with calves and sixteen half bloods. This deal is frozen by the courts for a debt in Garden City. Merrimack River Saving bank (judgment or $48,341.32 KS Hotel deal)

1892 CJ Jones   NE   Austin Corbin -December -10 Five year olds   -10hd   “Buffalo” Jones, delivered ten fine buffaloes to Austin Corbin Originally from Texas Plains

1892 CJ Jones   NE   Cow   -1hd    It appears further that Eames is a bit of an experimenter that early in the winter he bought a buffalo cow from “Buffalo” Jones 

1893 CJ Jones   OK   Pablo -Allard – July to Oct   -46hd   Buffalo Jones” herd which are being shipped from Nebraska and which were lately purchased by Mr. Allard for the enormous sum of $28,000. This herd numbers 46 animals, are thoroughbred in every particular – 1896 he says it was 50 pure and 25 catalo

1893 CJ Jones   OK   Bull From Colorado to Newport Ohio Zoo   -1hd   But last year “Buffalo” Jones, a buffalo farmer near Omaha, brought a second installment to Newport, and then began the rivalry which ended in the big fellow’s demise.

1894 CJ Jones   OK   Herd Count January   10hd   Buffalo Jones who has ten buffalo left as his total assets, and a few others of that ilk in the directory, the road cannot help but be a glittering success. (Railroad project)

1895 CJ Jones   OK   December   -2hd   He shipped ten deer and two buffalo (To Kill) to Kansas City yesterday and will receive a large price for them

1896 CJ Jones   OK   July   0hd   Told reporter he sold out to Pablo Allard about 50 head and 25 cattalo, he says. But reports are still being made about his team of buffalo he drives.

1897/98 CJ Jones   OK   Texas      Buffalo Jones showed up to buy a couple calves to train to a sled for exhibition

1899 CJ Jones   OK   Sept – Goodnight to Bronx   +7hd   Four of them are bulls, two are cows, and there is one yearling

1899 CJ Jones   OK   Bill Wright Estate October   +2hd   bought the fine buffalo belonging to the Bill Wright estate at $200 each He shipped the animals to Goodnight Tex where he will reship three of those purchased here and nine others bought from Goodnight and deliver them at New York City for shipment to Hamburg Germany. They are to be placed in a park there.

1899 CJ Jones   OK   Oct NY Zoological Park   -7hd   He took seven buffalo by freight to New York. They came from Woodward, Oklahoma, and Goodnight, Texas. The price was $500 for each animal, besides the money for transportation.

1899 CJ Jones   OK   Oct Hamburg Germany   -2hd   Ship to Hamburg, Germany, for Hagenbeck. They are to be placed in a park there. Goodnight Buffalo

1901 CJ Jones   OK   April – Circus Co.- MI   hd?   The others were sold to a show company at Grand Rapids.

1901 CJ Jones   OK   Goodnight -April National Park at Washington, D. C   hd?     Goodnight Herd Some of the buffaloes were sold to the government and placed in the National Park at Washington, D. C. SAME AS THE SEVEN HEAD SHIPPED IN 1889?

1902 CJ Jones   OK   Game Warden of YNP   CJ Jones appointed Warden of YNP July 10,1902 pays $1,800 a year

1903 CJ Jones   OK   Two head from Goodnight   -2hd   Jones took two bison to Sherman Texas where they came down with Texas fever and died.

1908 CJ Jones   AZ   ABS   15/66Xs   ABS


1884 Pablo- Allard   MT   Walking Coyote   12/14hd   Start of herd

1887 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Increase   15hd   Great Falls Triune-started with two bull and two hfr cfs.

1888 Pablo-Allard   MT   Herd Increase    35hd pure   7 calves, 6 yearlings, 6 two year olds, 4 cows and two bulls that are 14 years old

1891 Pablo – Allard   MT   Herd Increase   abt50hd   Missoula Weekly Gazette

1893 Pablo- Allard   MT   CJ Jones Herd of 44-46hd Prior to this 64/16hd   95/31hd   The herd had been depleted by ill-health, they were infested with Texas cattle lice, to just 26 pure-bred and 18 hybrid animals. Jones’ need to sell was forced upon him when he became heavy-indebted during the financial panic of 1893 (46hd @ 38k? 31 full & 15 half blood)

1893 Pablo –Allard   MT   Two year olds   -15hd   In fact he has already disposed of 15 two year-old calves to parties in England at $1,000 per head and which will be shipped to the old country early next spring.

1895/96 Pablo – Allard   MT   William Finley, Montana   +25/30hd   Sold his herd to P-A

1896 Allard Dies   MT   Split herd               

1897 Pablo –Allard   MT   Smithsonian institute at Washington.   -3hd   Michael Pablo has sold another small band of buffalo from the Allard herd, this consignment being destined for the Smithsonian institute at Washington. (Bull and two cows) $500each

1897 Allard   MT   Eaton to Pittsburgh   -2hd   Howard Eaton who passed through here Saturday night with the two buffaloes obtained from the Allard herd on the Flathead headed to Pittsburgh

1897 Allard   MT   Hiram B. Adams to New York   -40hd   Mr. Adams, the purchaser, is taking this band to New York state, where he has contracted for their sale to zoological gardens and private parks. The other 32 will be distributed in different parts of the east as well as a car load of elk he has purchased between Butte and Pocatello, Idaho.

1898 Pablo   MT   320hd   No roundup was made until 1898, when there were found to be 320 all told.

1898 Pablo   MT   1hd Cow   One cow to Prospect Park (Cow received from Indian Res.)                               

1900 Pablo   MT   October (Allard herd)   259hd

1901 Allard herd probate settled.                                         

1901 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Increase   +65cfs   In 1901, 65 calves were added to the herd. About half of the cows are said to have calves each year. 

1901 Allard   MT   October 4 Pair Hansen & Burgess   -8hd   By taking advantage of Al – lard’s knowledge of the buffalo, they managed to gain a good view at close range, and bargained with him for four cows and four calves, which were to be delivered at the railway station at Salish.

1901 Allard   MT   Iowa Feb 1902   -6hd   Six cows were sold to a party in Iowa Hornaday February 13 1902

1901 Allard   MT   Tacoma, Washington   -8hd   Tacoma, Washington to be butchered-Bulls

1902 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Split   330-70Xs   During the past year, there have been sold nearly 100 animals. In the years past others have been sold, but the number is not determined. AAB Allard

1902 Allard   MT   Howard Eaton -Bulls for Taxidermist   -6hd   Howard Eaton of Medora. N. D.. accompanied by F. B. Tolhurst, the taxidermist returned this week from the Flathead country, where they were successful in securing six fine specimens of bull buffalo from the Allard herd -Two sent to John Rowley -Taxidermist

1902 Mrs Allard   MT   C. E. Conrad 27hd   -27hd   Conrad herd

1902 Pablo Allard   MT   Between 40 and 50 are said to have been sold to a company, the majority to stay on the reservation, the others to be used in the show business. Several were sold to Iowa parties.

1902 Allard   MT   Burgess & Hanson-Luana, Iowa   -15hd   Burgess & Hanson, We will follow the course of Merrs. Pablo and Allard and let the buffalo roam, feed and increase undisturbed. AAB Allard

1903 Pablo   MT   Herd Increase   330/70hd   330 pure bloods and 70 mixed-news article

1904 Pablo   MT   Count Ernest Bernstroff    -2hd   sold him two buffalo from his bunch on the reservation (to hunt) Howard Eaton

1906 Pablo   MT   Herd Increase   700+hd    Buffalo Tracks

1907 Pablo –Allard   MT   Reports of over a 1,000 head being sold off this ranch in its life time   -708hd   Seven hundred and eight buffalo were shipped to Canada, mostly to Elk Island National Park, Alberta. Others were sent to Banff- Howard Douglas and Norman Luxton

1908 Pablo   MT   January ABS   289hd   106 Bulls 134 Cows 49 Calves

1908 Charles Allard   MT   January ABS   /40Xs   About 40 crosses


1889 Col Davis   CJ Jones Nov   3hd   Three buffaloes have been purchased by Col. Davis to whom some reference appeared yesterday in this paper.
1890 Col O V Davis   ID   Austin Corbin   Mr. Davis has shipped over nine car loads of moose and elk and two car loads of buffalo to this reservation, an enclosure of 10,000 acres, filled with moose, deer and buffalo gathered from the vicinity of the Rocky mountains.  (Austin Corbin)


1899 Hanson & Burgess   IA    Luna Iowa   3hd    Where did they get these animals?
1901 Hanson & Burgess   IA    4 Pair from Allard Oct   8hd    4 Cows and 4 calves from Allard
1902 Hanson & Burgess   IA    Herd Increase-March   11hd   8 full blood females, 2 bulls, 1 cross cow
1904 Hanson & Burgess   IA   Herd Increase   20hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1905 Hanson & Burgess   IA   Kansas- Herd Dispersal   -20hd   Purchased 20hd by Rockefeller  $3,185


1891 C. E. Lelander   IA   5 pairs October- Bedson herd   +10hd    C J Jones  to Bancroft Iowa
1902 C. E. Lelander   IA   Herd Increase   10hd   US Gov. 10 Full-blood + 2 Angus Cross cows, bred to bison
1904 C. E. Lelander   IA   Dec   10hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1906 C. E. Lelander   IA   Herd Increase   18hd   ABS Census Bulls ‘Old Shag’, ‘Joe Allard’ and ‘Buffin’
1907 C. E. Lelander   IA   Herd Increase   14hd                                             


1895 Howard Eaton Bad Lands   SD   Schenley Park in the fall   -1hd   Buffalo Bull-The lot will include a fine buffalo bull, a lot of antelope, several deer, a large lynx, and several magnificent swans.

1897 Howard Eaton   SD   Pittsburgh   -2hd   Howard Eaton recaptured his two buffalo on Tuesday in the Bad Lands. This enabled Mr. Eaton to complete his car of buffalo and elk. _Allard Herd

0000 Howard Eaton   SD   “When I afterward purchased the Allard interests there were about 400 in the herd, and I secured four-fifths of the Allard holdings. I have been gradually selling them off and by spring I expect to have disposed of nearly all of these.”

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   August 3rd report   -3hd   “The City of Winnipeg boasted a second small herd at River Park. These animals had formed part of the Pablo-Allard herd and had been purchased first by Howard Eaton and then by the Winnipeg Street Railway Company. It seems that they were later transferred from River Park to Assiniboine Park.”

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Bulls – Goodnight Herd?   -2hd    Two bulls were shipped to Texas- Jul 1903 Others will be shipped to Mr. Eaton’s herd in Dakota, and still others to Texas, where there is a herd, the idea being to infuse new blood into those herds

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Yellowstone 18 Cows and 2 Bulls   -20hd   Howard Eaton -handled the sale from Allard herd 2 Bulls and 18 cows ($ 10,000?) ABS 18 cows, I suspect the 2 bulls went another direction, Texas_Goodnight?

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Carload to Ft Wayne Ind. May  Brookside farm -John H Bass- May   4hd   Took a car­ load of buffalo to Philadelphia & Fort Wayne, Ind., recently. One bull and 4 cows. Brookside Farm 4hd, prob.3 cows and one bull 

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Philadelphia – May   1hd   Cow from May 6th load of 6 animals

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Lincoln Park, Chicago-May   -1hd   Bull to zoo, Lincoln Park, Chicago

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   August 3hd -Allard Herd to River Park Can.   -3hd   One bull and two cows comprise the trio, and all are fine. River Park Canada

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   March   George Miller of Ranch 101 in Ponca Reservation has gone to Chicago, where he will make deal for thirty head of Buffalo for the ranch. The animals are part of a Montana herd and will be shipped to the ranch in a week. Several head of the animals will be slaughtered .

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   Est 1903   +65hd   Allard daughters herd. . The three daughters retained their interest until last spring. Then 27 had increased to 65, and were then sold to a man of the name of Eaton, at $255 each, on the range

1904 Howard Eaton   SD   Count Ernest Bernstroff  Dec.   -2hd   sold him two buffalo from his bunch on the reservation (to hunt) Howard Eaton

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   Tacoma Washington –June   -2hd/40hd   Chutes Management bought a pair from Eaton – to be shipped aft June – His herd are running with that of Michael Pablo, of the Flathead reservation

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   +1hd    Male from the Smithsonian herd

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January (1st week)   -5hd   delivered to Denver City Park-

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January -end of month   -2hd   delivered to Los Angeles -He had a herd of 10 buffalos that he secured there and which he was taking south. Part of the animals were for California and the remainder for zoological gardens in the east.

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January-end of month   -3hd   delivered to San Francisco -He had a herd of 10 buffalos that he secured there and which he was taking south. Part of the animals were for California and the remainder for zoological gardens in the east.

1905 Howard Eaton   WY   January   -3hd   Golden Gate Park Bull and two cows from Howard Eaton -Pablo Herd all 2yo’s

1905 Howard Eaton   WY   Pittsburg Pa. May   -2hd    Preparations are being made at the zoo for the two buffaloes which will be received from Howard Eaton’s ranch. This will increase Father Pitt’s herd to five.

1907 Howard Eaton   WY   Fejervary Park Iowa –March   -1hd   fine specimen big buffalo to replace one that was killed several weeks ago.

1908 Howard Eaton   WY   January ABS   10hd   5 males, 5 females (ABS)



1888 Austin Corbin   NH   February -CJ Jones   +6hd   3 bulls and 3 heifers $500 each from the gather in Texas

1889 Austin Corbin   NH   CJ Jones Nov/Dec   +12hd   6 bulls 6 heifers 1888 herd and more in 89?    ($13,000 Carload Jan 1890) Bedson animals

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   January   17hd   sixteen buffalo and a three-months-old calf- AAB

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   October   21hd   Col. O.V. Davis “Corbin has twenty-one head” “Has shipped two car loads of buffalo in the past to Corbin-gathered from the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains”

1890 Austin Corbin   NH   March   25hd    Sun Journal Lewiston Maine March 2

1892 Austin Corbin   NH   CJ Jones December   +10hd/22hd   Two bulls and eight cows- ten 5-year-olds which he had caught himself on the Staked Plains In the northwestern part of Texas

1892 Austin Corbin   NH   January 1893   +11calves   Eleven calves were born during the year just closed.

1894 Austin Corbin   NH   Increased February   40 head   10 bulls and 30 cows by June numbers told over 50

1894 Austin Corbin   NH   Bull   -1hd   Cleveland (bull) died, killed in a fight and broke his neck. Placed on the range less than a year ago.

1896 Austin Corbin   NH   NY Van Cortland park (loan)   -30hd/45hd   November 1896-given to the city of New York and placed in Van Cortland park. Austin died in this year and since then numbers have been sold and donated to various parks and individuals throughout the country and some to Europe. He later wanted them back because of their sad care given the herd. (later -all died)

1897 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase-August    82hd   Forest & Stream

1900 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase-May   98   Freehold Transcript/Montreal River Miner

1902 Austin Corbin   NH   Boston Sportsmen’s exhibition –January   -2hd   The bull and cow bison which will be shipped from the Austin Corbin game preserve in New Hampshire for the Sportsmen’s exhibition -loaned or donated?

1902 Austin Corbin   NH   February 14th   110hd   George Edgell-part owner (1901 had a bad calf season)

1903 Austin Corbin   NH   Herd Increase   173hd   Estimate given

1904 Austin Corbin   NH   National Zoological Park D.C.   -3hd/160   ABS

1908 Austin Corbin   NH   Mt Nat’l Bison Reserve   -3hd/156hd    herd 65 bulls and 71 cows.  3 bison donated to start the Montana National Bison Reserve (150 ABS) 20 calves

1910 Austin Corbin   NH   106hd   Bulls 36 and the cows to 70

1912 Austin Corbin   NH   86hd   41 Bulls and 45 cows,

1914 Austin Corbin   NH   69hd   41 Bulls and only 28 cows, making a total of 69 head, of which 13 were calves

1914 Austin Corbin   NH   Wind Cave   -5hd   Blue Mountain Forest Association offers a gift of 5 bison to the American Bison Society, for stocking the Wind Cave Preserve

1917 Austin Corbin   NH   Pisgah National Forest   -6hd   6 buffalo, 3bulls and 3 cows to start Pisgah National Forest and Game Preserve in N.C.

1930 Austin Corbin   NH   1930-1946    last bison killed to avoid spread of Bangs


1902 J. H. Bass Brookside Farm   IN   Bass Foundry & Machine Co   2hd   has just two bulls, his one/only cow died months ago, all her calves were males Feb. 18th
1902 J. H. Bass   IN   Ft Wayne-Howard Eaton   4hd   H Eaton – Bass wanted to start a zoo. Three cows and a bull.


1882 Frederick Dupree   SD   Grand River   +4hd wild   Captured five wild calves about 100 miles west of Fort Bennett – 2 died after 2 months

1885 Frederick Dupree   SD   -1hd/3hd wild   Killed by an Indian

1888 Frederick Dupree   SD    No sales from this herd   9/7 mixed   9 Pure -4 adult cows and 2 adult bulls 3cfs and Mixed are Six are half-breeds and one a quarter-breed buffalo

1891 Frederick Dupree   SD   Mr Gordon –July   -1hd   Bull he captured alive and took home to De Moines, it died by Oct -Old Bull $1,000

1887 D F. Carlin   SD   married Dupree daughter, Marcella in 1887   -4hd   For wedding and 30 beeves

1887 D F. Carlin   SD   married Dupree daughter, Marcella in 1887   -4hd   For wedding and 30 beeves

1892 Frederick Dupree   SD   60 head   It has been claimed that Fred Dupree on the Cheyenne river. South Dakota, had the largest herd in the world

1894 D F. Carlin   SD   Herd Increase   +7hd   Calves Born

1894 Frederick Dupree   SD   Herd Increase   40hd   Gov grants him permission to fence in his pure herd

1895 Frederick Dupree   SD   30hd   Full Blood

1897 Frederick Dupree   SD   Leslie, SD   30/50   30hd of Full blood and 50 head of mixed (doesn’t count new calf crop) (F&S)

1898 Frederick Dupree   SD   FD Died – Herd Increase   83hd  

1898 Frederick Dupree   SD   Fred Dupree died

1899 D F. Carlin   SD   Killed several for steaks for Chicago Market

1899 Pete Dupree   SD   Herd Increase & For Sale   40hd/130Xs   He says his herd now consists of forty full bloods; one hundred half breeds, and thirty-three quarters bloods

1899 Dupree Bros   SD   Herd Increase & For Sale   He desires to sell all his mixed-bloods, and all the full bloods except two bulls and ten cows, which will give him a sufficient bunch to raise another herd

1900 Dupree Bros   SD   Transport   Heavy shipments of cattle were being made here yesterday. The shippers are Dupree Bros., who are sending to Sioux City several buffalo out of their Cheyenne River herd.

1900 Dupree Bros   SD   Herd of Full bloods   abt45hd   The largest herd of Buffalo in the world, so says the Sioux Stock Journal of Pierre, is to be sold as a portion of the Dupree estate, but the grandeur of each term is lessened considerably by finding that the herd includes only forty-five head

1901 Pete Dupree   SD   Scotty Phillip   57/+crosses 83hd in all   Purchased the herd after the son died.  57 were gathered, but there were stragglers still showing up. Renegades were gathered and heads sold- meat given to the ranchers. Crosses were sold for meat.

1907 Dupree   SD   Hunt Wild Stragglers   -2hd   The first hunt is now on and the next one is planned for a month from now. Only two buffalos are to be killed during each hunt. Still 6hd roaming at large.


1879 Colonel Stanton   KS   Bismarck Grove   3hd   Purchased a buffalo bull calf for $8 and later two heifers for $25, descendants of these three buffaloes now found at Bismarck Grove. “Cleveland” is decidedly the pride of the herd

1880 Colonel Stanton   KS   Bullfight

1885 Colonel Stanton   KS   Vicious Bull   -1hd   A large bull belonging to this herd grew so vicious and dangerous that it was necessary to kill him.

1888 Colonel Stanton   KS   Bismarck Grove   -7hd/10hd   2 fine bull calves, 2 heifers, 5 cows and a bull, six years old. (Cleveland) There was 17 at one time, 6 died and 1 was given away.

1889 Colonel Stanton   KS   Bull from Jonas Davis KS   +1hd   Saturday he bought a two-year-old buffalo bull of Jonas Davis, who lives near Minneapolis this state. Col. Stanton has a herd of twenty of these animals

1889 Colonel Stanton   KS   Bismarck Grove – Sept   15hd   Bismarck Grove, Colo. Numbering fifteen and owned by Col. H.H. Stanton of Kansas City. They are not for sale at any price

1891 Colonel Stanton   KS   herd   12hd   7 cows, 3 calves and 2 bulls

1897Colonel Stanton   KS   Died   By Spring 1899 the herd was moved to Denver City Park


 1900 Conrad Herd   MT   October   20hd

1902 Conrad Herd   MT   Pablo-30hd in a pen on hold for Conrad Feb 17th   +27hd   Pablo-Allard descendants, bought from Mrs Allard  share in 1902 ” I have placed the forty-seven buffaloes I bought from Mrs. Allard in a 200-acre field one mile from Kalispell.”

1902 Conrad Herd   MT   C.E. Conrad dies this year   38hd   (March 18th of 1902 reports 8 Bulls 17 Cows 4 2yo hfs 9 calves)

1908 Conrad Herd   MT   January ABS   104hd   Jan 1 1908 the Conrad herd contained 80 head grown of bison. Thirty bulls and fifty cows, plus twenty-four calves born in 1907. 

1908 Conrad Herd   MT   Herd Increase   +18cfs/92   All the animals, numbering ninety-two head, including eighteen calves of 1908, were in good condition

1909 Conrad Herd   MT   (1 head from C Goodnight)   -36hd/56hd   National Bison Range-250.00 head  Thirty-four buffaloes of various ages were contracted for, 12 of which were males and the rest females. In addition, there was the gift of two buffaloes from the Conrad estate.

1909 Conrad Herd   MT   Goodnight 2 Bulls I died at Conrads   1hd   Charles Goodnight of Texas forwarded his gift pair of young buffaloes to the Conrad estate at Kalispell, herd be kept there pending erection of the fence at the bison preserve. The male buffalo died, and the female was shipped with the Conrad herd to Ravalli.

1909 Conrad Herd   MT   Montana Bison Range 12 males 22 females   -34hd   Bought by ABS for Flathead Reservation. $275.00 per head was paid (Montana National Bison Range)

1920s Conrad Estate sold -97 head to O.D. Gibson of Salah, Wa. Gibson maintained the herd until his death in 1959. He bought animals from YNP and Phillips Ranch to keep up the genetics and later sold animals back to the Conrad Estate. 


1897 Moosehead Ranch   WY   William C. Whitney    -13hd
1897 Moosehead Ranch   WY   A. B. Adams/H K Glidden Owner/Manager   248hd (mi print?)   This ranch company possesses the second large herd of American bison in existence. The herd numbers 248 head.  It is commonly supposed that the buffalo is extinct but H K Glidden who attends the shipment of elk says that there is a herd at Missoula Mont. which outnumbers the one controlled by the Moosehead ranch
1897 Moosehead Ranch   WY   A. B. Adams-Owner died bef 1898   What happened to their bison herd?


1897 William C. Whitney   NY   Moosehead Ranch-Adams Brothers   13hd   One of the buffalo was a perfect specimen and is said to be the largest buffalo to be found in the United States. He weighs over 2500 pounds -“Mc Kinley” 6-year-old

1898 William C. Whitney   NY   Herd Increase   +1hd   new bull calf

1899 William C. Whitney   NY   There are nine cows and four bulls. Two have been born here and seem to thrive.

1900 William C. Whitney   NY   Hornaday NY Bronx Zoo   -2hd   Some of the animals on Whitney’s game preserve were captured and sold to private owners, while other animals were sent to zoos and game preserves.  McKinley to Bronx Zoo

1900 William C. Whitney   NY   October 10   17hd                                       

1901 William C. Whitney   NY   Herd Increase-One bull died   -1hd     

1901William C. Whitney   NY   Herd Increase   +2 calves   One big bull died-two calves born (Feb 1902-26 fullblood 9 from original herd, rest born here)10 Males 16 female

1902 William C. Whitney   NY   October   32hd   Over the year, three have died, two of these being members of the original herd and one a little calf. Six new calves this year.

1902 William C. Whitney    NY   Germany   -4hd   Mr Hagenbeck Germany (animal dealer)

1903 William C. Whitney   NY   NY Zoological Society  26hd   END   Wm. C. ‘Whitney, on October mountain, near Lennox, Massachusetts, has been discontinued, and its herd of buffalo disposed of to Germany. Twentv-six were presented to the New York Zoological society, and these with the two bulls earily, “Cleveland” and “McKinley,” previously constitute what hereafter will be known at Bronx park as the “Whitney herd.”


1902 Carlton D Richardson   MA   (Lenox, Mass) West Brookfield   1hd   Five year old cow full blood (Negotiating with Page Wire to buy more)
1902 Carlton D Richardson   MA   February 13   2hd   Hornaday

 1902 Miller Bros   OK   March   George Miller of Ranch 101 in Ponca Reservation has gone to Chicago, where he will make deal for thirty head of Buffalo for the ranch. The animals are part of a Montana herd and will be shipped to the ranch in a week. Several head of the animals will be slaughtered .
1903 Miller Bros   OK   July   35hd   thirty-five buffalo in addition; they are crossing the buffalo with Galloway cattle
1904 Miller Bros   OK   Fall   __hd?   “Mr. Joseph Miller, President of the 101 Ranch at Bliss, bought
a herd of buffalo in the fall of 1904.”
1905 Miller Bros   OK   January   -3hd   Has a small herd purchased from Goodnight, trying to break two for driving, sent out two ropers and within minutes two buffalo were dead. Another was roped and two were fastened by their heads to the corral. Miller said he would have a driving team if it cost him every buffalo he had.
1905 Miller Bros   OK   March   21hd   At Louis Dispatch March 2nd Ranch Numbers
1905 Miller Bros   OK   April Three died in route   32hd    George Miller has gone to Missoula where he will purchase two car loads of buffalos for the ranch. A few will be killed for a hunt, cost is $500 each 35head -3hd who died. 25 will be killed for the show.
1905 Miller Bros   OK   May 19   Since the arrival of the herd of buffalo at the “101” ranch recently from Montana, four young calves have been born and all died. The baby buffalo born at Argentine, Kansas enroute to Oklahoma, is alive and thriving.
1908 Miller Bros   OK   January ABS   36hd/1X       
1925 Mr. Leonard (Scotty herd) has only recently sold several hundred head to the Miller brothers of the 101 Ranch, near Ponca City, and is here in conference with the Millers in regard to additional shipments. Some of these are to go to the ranch at Cimarron, N. M of Waite Phillips, and brother Frank, the Oklahoma oil magnate. Another shipment went to the William Randolph Hearst ranch at San Luis Obispo, Calif.  


1879 Pawnee Bill   OK   He helped the Pawnee captured 4 young buffalo, decided he wanted a herd.  (Old Casey Herd)
____Pawnee Bill   OK   “He would not grow accustomed to the barbed wire fences, he would sulk and neglect his food and die.” Pawnee Bill would then roam the plains for more to add to his herd.
1892 Pawnee Bill   OK   CJ Jones    +6hd/12hd   Pawnee Bill has purchased six head of buffalo from Buffalo Jones- Herd 8 Cows and 4 Bulls
1902 Pawnee Bill   OK   March 13   30hd   4 Full blood for show 26hd in herd -GW Lillie
1903 Pawnee Bill   OK   July   15hd   “Pawnee” Bill has about fifteen at his ranch at Pawnee, Ok.
1904 Pawnee Bill   OK   Dec   28hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1905 Pawnee Bill   OK   Through Texas   -2hd   two died while showing through Texas, he thinks Tx fever ticks
1908 Pawnee Bill   OK   January ABS   19/33hd Xs
1922 Pawnee Bill   OK   200+   Illustrated World

1882/83 Finley   MT   2 bull cfs and 4 heifers   5hd   Gathered east of the Continental Divide- Sun River Country
1895/96 Finley   MT   Herd Increase   25/30   Sold to Pablo-Allard  $1600 ? Head cnt compared to funds paid

1889 Hon. Ed Hewins   KS   Cedarville February   Young buffalo through town on the way to Hewins
1895 Hon. Ed Hewins   KS   Moved to Woodward –December   0hd left   He shipped eleven deer and one buffalo 2200lbs to Kansas City yesterday and will receive a large price . (meat, annual present)
1986 Hon. Ed Hewins   KS   July   1hd    His bull killed a fawn, he at least has a bull
1901 Hon. Ed Hewins   KS   Smithsonian   -3hd   Bull, Cow and yrl Hfr – Hornaday Influence


1889 Lynch & Glassman  Buffalo Park   UT   Full Grown -from Jones-Nov   20hd   “The buffalos or a portion of them would soon be here.”

1889 Lynch & Glassman  Buffalo Park   UT   Dec   35 – 40 head    “Forty head of Buffalo cattle spent Sunday at the South Omaha stockyards.” They came from Stony Mountain, Man. and are en route for Garfield Beach, Salt Lake

1890 Lynch & Glassman  Buffalo Park   UT   Feb 1890 Jones   Some of his buffalo were captured in the Panhandle of Texas four years ago, a few were secured in Montana, he bought some recently in Manitoba, and the rest he has raised on his two ranches from original stock.

1890 Lynch & Glassman  Buffalo Park   UT   March 1890 Jones   The Utah Buffalo and Zoological Garden, of which Buffalo Jones is Manager, now own 100 head of Buffalo, 20 half-brood Buffalo, 13 Deer, 10 Elk, 12 Antelope, 9 Moose, 3 wild Ponies, captured on the plains of Mexico, 5 Bears, 2 Seals, 6 Silver Grey Foxes, and, other wild animals. Fifty-three head of these animals have already been; shipped to Garfield City.

1900 Lynch & Glassman  Antelope Island   UT   Buffalo park as a place for even a summer residence was finally abandoned however and the animals were purchased by the Island Improvement company and taken to Antelope Island where they now are.

1902 John Dooley   UT   February 20   26hd/1X   13 Males, 13 Females, The cross is Male 2yo

1904 John Dooley   UT   Dec   30hd   Mark Sullivan census taker

1908 John Dooley   UT   January ABS   35hd/1X     

1908 Antelope Island   UT   Young pair   -2hd   National Government Reservation (Bison Range)

1908 Antelope Island   UT   January ABS   46 head   ABS  12 bulls 23 Cows 11 calves  


1901 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Fred Dupree herd (Pete Dupree) Agent Doug Carlin         57/+crosses        Purchased the herd after the son died. Judith Wood 57 were gathered, but there were stragglers still showing up. Renegades were gathered and heads sold- meat given to the ranchers. Crosses were sold for meat.

1901 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Cheyenne River-Fall Roundup   83 head   More renegades captured

1902 James Scotty Phillip   SD   February 22   61/75X’s   61 flood bloods, but has no idea how many crosses, guesses 75hd

1904 James Scotty Phillip   SD   January   Held a buffalo hunt for the last stragglers of the Dupree herd.

1904 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Herd Increase   90   Mark Sullivan census taker

1904 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Decrease –Jan   -1hd   Hunt – The animal secured was one of a band of four. Gov Charles Harreid

1904 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Decrease- Dec   -2hd   Sold two for meat, dress at 700lbs  Hugh Jaynes

1905 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Trade   -3   2 cows and one bull to Elgin, Illinois for 3  Elk

1905/6 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Shipment to Omaha   Insured buffalo in transfer for $150,000 (for the two bulls below?)

1906 James Scotty Phillip   SD   to Mexico for bullfight   -2   Two bulls, they couldn’t get them back across the border, killed for meat.

1908 James Scotty Phillip   SD   January ABS   190hd/8Xs   Estimate

1908 James Scotty Phillip   SD   180/ 9crosses   Philip buffalo herd is the largest in the country, numbering one hundred and eighty-eight head at the time of the writer’s visit.

1908 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Two (pair) donated to Montana Bison Range   -2hd

1910 James Scotty Phillip   SD   December   -1hd   G.H. Jaynes has purchased one of the Scotty Phillip buffaloes and will supply buffalo meat for the holiday trade.

1911 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Andy Leonard now manager. Scotty died July 23rd    290hd   

1913 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Herd Increase   345hd   ABS

1914 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Herd Increase   est405hd   

1914James Scotty Phillip   SD   Custer State Park   -36hd   South Dakota bought thirty-six buffalo from Philip. The state wanted to start a herd. The animals were put in Custer State Park. Other people bought buffalo from Philip, too. – SD Historical Society

1916 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Herd Increase   600hd   ABS

1925 James Scotty Phillip   SD   Filmed   200hd    buffalo were set to be killed in the hunt, others were sent to parks & reserves etc…Mr. Leonard has only recently sold several hundred head to the Miller brothers of the 101 Ranch, near Ponca City, and is here in conference with the Millers in regard to additional shipments. Some of these are to go to the ranch at Cimarron, N. M of Waite Phillips, the Oklahoma oil magnate. (brother to Frank of Oklahoma) Another shipment went to the William Randolph Hearst ranch at San Luis Obispo, Calif.

1889 Riverside Ranch   ND   May 1889 purchased two from CJ Jones (Pair)   +2hd   From Stony Mountain Herd (Bedson) Bull and a Cow – William Couch Foreman
1889 Riverside Ranch   ND   Manager J.S. Green –Nov   3hd   On this ranch are cattle, horses, sheep, and buffalo, which they are experimenting in breeding (Nov 29 1889)
1890 Riverside Ranch   ND   Lost cow & Found   -1hd   Lost a buffalo cow Worth $600, reward of $50. Missing for 2 weeks. She was found and in trying to capture her, she died from exhaustion.
1892 Riverside Ranch   ND   Feb 1892    Mr. Green, foreman of the Riverside ranch, Mandan, North Dakota, has a small herd, which includes a perfectly white animal.


1890 Senator Pettigrew   SD   Jan   15hd   “Senator Pettigrew of South Dakota has the only herd of buffaloes now in existence. There are fifteen animals in the herd, and they are corralled on a farm about four miles from Yankton, at the end of a railroad built by him and used by the public for excursions.”
1890 Pettigrew (senator)   SD   20hd   Bulls Cows and Calves
1892 Pettigrew (senator)   SD   Jan 12 Lancaster Era   Keeps them in the mountains and they have never been rounded up, he doesn’t know a head count
1892 Pettigrew (senator)   SD   sold herd   -19hd   Sold 19 to James J Hill for $9,500
1892 Pettigrew (senator)   SD   kept one fine bull   1hd   Bull weighs 1800 pounds


1882 Dr. V. T. McGillicuddy   SD   Spring   2hd   Cow and Bull were caught by Sioux near Black Hills
1888 Dr. V. T. McGillicuddy   SD   Herd Increase   4hd/1hd   4 pure buffaloes and 1 cross -Produce 3yo bull & Yrl heifer


____ Newport Ohio   Newport Ohio   Jones   1st installment

1893 Newport Ohio   Newport Ohio   Sept -CJ Jones Bull   +1hd   The animal was a shaggy giant, of prodigious size and unparalleled ugliness, He was brought from Colorado with twenty-three other cattle when the preserve was first opened— or closed. But last year “Buffalo” Jones, a buffalo farmer near Omaha, brought a second installment to Newport, and then began the rivalry which ended in the big fellow’s demise.

1902 Frank Rockefeller   KS   March-new calves   5hd   One bull, Two cows, Two calves Full blood
1904 Frank Rockefeller   KS   Dec Also named Soldier Creek Park   3hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1905 Frank Rockefeller   KS   Sept. 24th   4hd   The Washington Post
1905 Frank Rockefeller   KS    Burgess & Hanson herd   24hd   Purchased H & B 20 head at Auction and drove them to Kansas
1908 Frank Rockefeller   KS   January ABS   35/1X   ABS census (one cross)
1909 Frank Rockefeller   KS   November   36hd   The Indianapolis Star 19th 1909
1910 Frank Rockefeller   KS   November 6th   45hd   Kansas City Star
1910 Frank Rockefeller   KS      -1hd   Cow sold to Wichita Zoo, the cow in 1912 @35yrs old with a calf at her side.
1911 Frank Rockefeller   KS   November   45hd
1912 Frank Rockefeller   KS   December (60head)   -7hd   Buffalo Hunt held at the ranch. St Louis Dispatch 29th  ABS census 47hd
1913 Frank Rockefeller   KS   January   57hd   ABS census
1913 Frank Rockefeller   KS   July   -2hd   BBQ at cattle sale
1914 Frank Rockefeller   KS   September 22th   52hd   The Dodge City Globe
1914/15 Frank Rockefeller   KS   Miller Bros 101 Ranch bought some of his herd, still searching for info
1914 Frank Rockefeller   KS   January   Traded a nice cow for their bull. Gage City Park
1914 Frank Rockefeller   KS   January (52 head in Sept)   52hd   Several buffalo were killed for meat to purchase @Belvidere
1914 Frank Rockefeller   KS   Sept   -1   Wichita Elks purchased 700lb buffalo for Banquet
1915 Frank Rockefeller   KS   On Christmas day the people of Medicine Lodge Kan expect to feast on the last buffalo of Frank Rockefeller’s herd. Passaic Daily Herald Nov 29 1915
1916 Frank Rockefeller  KS    January ABS not listed
1917 Frank Rockefeller   KS   Died April 20th   With Dan Beard, he engaged in a project for the rescue of the bison. “Next to my family,” he said once. “I love animals more than anything else In the world.” Mr. Rockefeller is survived by a wife and three daughters.


1886 DelMonte Stables   CA   June 1886    1hd   Captured 65 miles west of Jamestown-Bull
1887 DelMonte Stables   CA   South Dakota   +1hd/2hd    Cow, bought from Redbreast (one of Sitting Bulls warriors)captured during the fall of 1882 on the headwaters of the Big Cheyenne  (about 8 years old)
1889 DelMonte Stables   CA   Herd Increase   +1hd/3hd   new calf born


1892 Riverside Ranch Mandan   SD   Mr Green Foreman   Small herd and has a white bison
1888 Riverside Ranch Company   SD   2hd   A pair a full bloods


1886-87 Buffalo Bill  20hd/0hd   Show was at Madison Square Garden, New York City, its entire herd of twenty buffaloes was carried off by pleuro – pneumonia.

1888 Buffalo Bill December wintered on General Beale’s farm, near the city of Washington.   18hd   Eighteen head, of which fourteen were originally purchased of Mr. B. B. Groome, of Wichita, Kansas-Four of the members of this herd are calves which were born in 1888 in London, at the American Exposition

1897 Buffalo Bill   August24hd   (F&S)
1902 Buffalo Bill   Fall   +8hd   From Charles Goodnight (two were killed during loading)
1903 Buffalo Bill   April   6hd   full bloods
1904 Buffalo Bill   March Col. W Cody and J.A. Bailey-Deposited   -12hd   7 Males and 5 females + One new male calf born. Some of these animals were years later returned, died, or remove to another home.     
1905  -8hd   Texas Fever Ticks left them at Guthrie


1888 John H. Starin   NY   Summer Resort   4hd   Glen Island, NY
1897 John H Starin   NY   Glen Island   7/6   7 pure blood, 6 crosses
1897 John H Starin   NY   Glen Island   He exchanged bulls with Philadelphia Zoological Garden
1900 John H Starin   NY   October 10   11hd
1902 John H Starin   NY   March 4   17/6Xs   6 Bulls, 11 cows full blood 3 Cows 3 bulls crosses


1892 James J Hill North Oaks Farm   ND   Bought Pettigrew herd.    19hd   Purchased from Pettigrew 19 of the 20hd for $ 9,500
1902 James J Hill North Oaks Farm   ND   Herd Increase February   24hd   21 full blood – Three Crosses
1903 James J Hill North Oaks Farm   ND   President of Great Northern Railroad – Raised Cattle   18/5Xs   18 Full blood and 5 crosses
1904 James J Hill North Oaks Farm   ND   Herd Increase February   +26hd   Bismarck Daily Tribune. 29 February 1904. Bismarck ND
1904 James J Hill North Oaks Farm    ND   Herd Increase December   18hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1908 James J Hill North Oaks Farm   ND   Herd Increase December   7hd/14hd   ABS 14 head of crosses


1881 B B. Groom   TX   Charles Goodnight   -2hd   Groom’s ranch on the Canadian 1 yr & 1-2yo
1885 B B. Groom   TX   Pampa, Texas  Groom is the manager of Francklyn L & C   50hd   There are about 50 head on the ranch of the Franklin Land and Cattle Company -collected from the plains
1886 B B. Groom   TX   drove to Dodge City   16hd   14 yearlings and two suckling calves for Old Man Groom Franklin Land and Cattle Company, located in the Texas Pan Handle. The company is an English syndicate, associated with B. B. Groom & Son, late of this locality.
1887 B B. Groom   TX   Herd   20hd 
1887 B B. Groom   TX   Bill Cody   -15hd/6hd   Sold 15hd to Bill Cody to go to Europe 13 2yo and 2yrls
1888 B B. Groom   TX   Texas Panhandle -Francklyn L & C Co.   There is a farm on the great ranch of the Franklin land and cattle company which reaches within a few miles of Panhandle City of 400 acres. This ranch is thirty miles square and will soon be broken up and thrown upon the market. Bought by White Deer Land Co. (Also connected to Francklyn)


1893 R.W. Rock   ID   Started collecting Bison and other large game from the wilds to save them from extinction.
1894 R.W. Rock   ID   I have sold 350 head of elk alone to zoological gardens and public and private parks in the East, as well as many other varieties of animals. (since 1894)
1900 R.W. Rock   ID   Herd Count   52hd   Some animals sent to Eastern zoological collections & Europe
1900 R.W. Rock   ID   Take PO Tremont County October   4hd  
1902 R.W. Rock   ID   4hd/2Xs   He was killed in March 1902 by one of his pet bulls. “Lindsay” At the time of his death he had only 4 buffalo and two cattalo

1902 Montebello Kennels   PA   February 24 –Philly   3hd   Two bulls and the Cow w/ bull calf was purchased from Page Wire  The larger bull came from E.S. Schmid W.DC, maybe came from NY Zoo.
1904 Montebello Kennels   PA   Dec Philly   4hd   Mark Sullivan census taker

1902 Seattle   WA   February  – small number   Allard bison -The recent arrival of a small number of buffaloes at Seattle, destined originally to be butchered for the market, recall that the American bison is not entirely extinct, but that there has, in fact, been a progressive increase in the number in existence for some years past.

1888 Mr. B. C. Winston   MN   2hd   Young bull was caught by him in western Dakota in
the spring of 1886, soon after its birth. The cow was purchased at Rosseau, Dakota Territory, a year later, for $225

1888 Mr. I. P. Butler   TX   1hd/1X   A young bull buffalo and a half- breed calf
1888 Mr. Jesse Huston   MT   1hd Five-year-old bull
1888 Mr. L. F. Gardner   OR   1hd   Large Adult Bull
1888 Mr. James R. Hitch   Optima Indian Terr   2hd   A young pair-for sale $750.00
1888 Mr. Joseph A. Hudson   NE   1hd   3yo bull-for sale 
1903 Ringling Bros   WI   1902 also 1 head   1hd    

1900 Elitche’s Gardens Denver   CO   October 10    2hd   From Charles Goodnight Ranch-several to Colorado, among them one of the first ever caught

 1903 Paul McCormick   MT   Start of herd   +5hd   Eaton sold four cows and one bull to Paul McCormick at Billings, from Pablos herd

1898 William Bartell   NY   1hd   Male from the Smithsonian herd, National Zoological Park

1889 Dr. Carver   January   40hd   Union Pacific- interest in a herd of forty which he has lately been exhibiting at Minneapolis. They were brought from the northwest possessions and are fine specimens. A number have been crossed with polled Angus cattle

1892 Blackfoot Reservation   MT   Jan   75hd   half-breed named William, living on the Black foot reservation has about seventy-five.

1902 Jim Conough    MT   hd?   Many of these animals are mixed breeds and it is believed the finest herd of buffaloes. They have been kept back in a canyon to which there is but one outlet, by the half-breed, Conough, for many years. He lives there alone with his buffaloes in an out-of-the-way canyon.

1902 Bell Island Park   MI   February   3hd   One bull, One Cow, and one calf full blood

 1902 Page Wire Co   MI   Adrian –February   6hd   Two bulls, Three Cows, One Yrlg-  All Full blood

 1894 Mr William Weavy   ND   February- March   3X’s   took to San Francisco three half breeds which he calls cattalo for the purpose of demonstrating the possibility and success

1883 McCoy Brothers   OK   2hd   Captured 2 calves on the range
1887 Hon. John Hancock   TX  2 or 3hd    Austin Texas

1886 W.S. Davis    Pan Handle   3hd   W. S. Davis is back from the Pan Handle country, where he secured three Buffalo calves and the carcasses of three others which he had killed.

1888 Watson E. Sperry   KS   Bismarck Grove   Mr. Sperry, with another gentleman are collecting a herd at Fargo to have the distinction of having the largest herd.

1889 WHO’S R THEY Carver or Sperry?   KS?   January 24 1889   In response to a reference to us by the Emporia republican, we have ascertained that there are eleven buffalo in Bismarck Grove, today.

1902 Hanson Bros   IA   Elkader   8hd   US Gov.
1902 C.E. Mallory   IA   Buffalo Center   1hd   One male
1902 Hubers Bros   WI   Cochrane   9/19X’s   Number of cross cows / full bloods bulls -March US Gov
1897 J. G. McNair   MO   St Elmo   10hd   full blood- 4 Bulls and 6 cows
1897 John M Corbett       Had bison
1900 Glen Island   NY   Herd of David J Gardner L.I.   3hd  
1888 Oz DeCordovia   TX   Texas-June   1cf   Texas Plains (found a pair and took the calf)
1902 John Sparks   NV   February Reno  Few head-attraction -All died from anthrax except one cow, she came from Guadalupe Park, Texas


1913 Wind Cave   SD   Nucleus Herd   14hd   7 bulls and 7 cows from Zoological Society of NY-Blue Mountain Forest Association offers a gift of 5 bison to the American Bison Society, for stocking the Wind Cave Preserve-ABS
1914 Wind Cave   SD   Increase -4cfs-1 died   +3hd/17hd    4 calves born 3 females and one stillborn
1915 Wind Cave   SD   Older bull died   -1   bull died -no calves born
1916 Wind Cave   SD   No Increase   16hd   1915 there was a loss of one of the older bulls and no calves were born, so that on January 1916, the herd numbered 16 head, 6 bulls, and 10 cows, one less than in the previous year
1918 Wind Cave   SD   Herd Increase   34hd 
1907 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Nucleus Herd   15hd   From Zoological Society of NY 6 Males and 9 Females
1908 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase   +2cfs/28hd   And 3 more to come
1912 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase 30 calves 
1913 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase   48hd   After the loss of only two head to Texas Tick Fever
1915 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase   64hd   Passaic Daily Herald Nov 29 1915
1916 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase January   62hd   ABS
1918 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd increase   92hd 
1919 Wichita National Bison Range   OK   Herd Increase   100+hd       


1908  National Bison Range   MT   +3hd   Donated from Austin Corbin Park
1908 National Bison Range   MT   nucleus herd   40hd   14 Males 26 Females  Donations from Conrad, Dooley, Goodnight and Scotty Phillip

1909 National Bison Range   MT   Hornaday – October   +34hd   Bought from Conrad herd for $275 per head

1909  National Bison Range   MT   Includes 1 head from C Goodnight   +1hd/37hd   Conrad Herd, at Kalispell-“We have selected for this gift the finest pair we own, Kalispell Chief.’ a 9-year-old male, an animal to which we believe it would be difficult to find an equal in the world today, and as his mate, the herd leader, a vigorous, sagacious cow, having a calf each year – on which would be of greatest value to the new herd. We have depended upon her wise head and good sense in our management of the herd, and have no cow equal to her.

1910  National Bison Range   MT   May   +10hd/47hd    In May, 1910, 10 gift buffaloes arrived at the range to bring the total of the nucleus herd to 47. Hornaday says immediately after the purchase of Conrad animals a donation of 6 hd were added.

1910  National Bison Range   MT   (part of the ten head above?)   3hd   Blue Mountain Forest Association -Austin Corbin  One bull and 2 cows
1913  National Bison Range   MT   Herd Increase   70hd
1914  National Bison Range   MT   Herd Increase   97hd 
1916 National Bison Range   MT     Herd Increase   143hd   ABS


1885 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Grinell   George Bird Grinnell, of New York, has been visiting the Yellowstone national park, and says there are only 700 buffalo left on the American continent.

1892 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Grinell   400hd
1900 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   October   30hd
____ Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   23hd    Start of herd

1902 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   July   The bill providing an appropriation of $15,000 for the protection and preservation of American bison, or buffalo, is now a law. BJ Jones appointed Warden of YNP July 10, 1902 pays $1,800 a year

1902 Yellowstone Nat’l Park MT   Bulls -Texas, Charles Goodnight   +3hd   Charles Goodnight Bulls

1902 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT    18 Cows October –Allard   +18hd   Howard Eaton -handled the sale from Allard herd 2 Bulls and 18 cows ($ 10,000?)-another article says 14 cows – they were not all shipped at once, ABS 18 cows -18 Cows total and 3 Bulls- Goodnight

1903 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   December -herd increase   +7 calves   Seven new calves

1904 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   December -herd increase   40/30hd   enclosed/running wild Mark Sullivan census taker

1908 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Deaths-1 cow and 2 bulls   +2cfs after census   One cow had to be killed in October due to old age. Two old bulls have been killed. One was vicious and gored a horse, the other was lame having been tangled in wire on hind leg, couldn’t save it.

1909 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Herd Increase   95hd   +22 calves
1912 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Herd Increase   125hd   ABS
1914 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   January   163hd   ABS
1916 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Herd Increase   299hd   60 wild herd and 239 imported herd ABS
1918 Yellowstone Nat’l Park   MT   Herd Increase   400hd           


1886 National Zoological Park   DC   W.T. Hornaday   1hd   The famous calf Sandy. Who also died as a calf, after loading up on clover.

1888 National Zoological Park   DC   Gift to Establish(Smithsonian) April   +2hd   Bull 4yo in July 1888, Cow 3yo in May of the same year captured from western Nebraska  $100 for the pair. Two bison were presented by a New Yorker.

1888 National Zoological Park   DC   W.T. Hornaday   +5hd   Indian Agent on the Sioux Reservation donated five more. These formed the first U.S. National Bison Herd

1889 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +1hd   E. G. Blackford, New York City: The National Zoological Park it the proud possessor of a young buffalo calf, the first offspring of the herd you kindly presented. Frank Baker-Manager NZP

1889 National Zoological Park   DC   Deposit   +4hd   Four bison deposited by Dr. V.T. McGillycuddy , one named Ben.

1890 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +1hd   New female Calf

1892 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +2hd   Spring and fall male calves

1897 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +4hd   One new calf and 3 head purchased from M. Pablo (Hornaday plan is to have 20-25hd, both sexes of all ages, show herd)

1898 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +1hd   New female calf

1899 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +1hd   New male calf

1901 National Zoological Park   DC   April -Jones one Goodnight head   +2hd   This female animal is from Charles Goodnight Ranch in Texas, sold to them by CJ Jones + One new male calf born

____National Zoological Park     DC   Dr. Cecil French and Corbin Herd   +3hd   Dr. Cecil French 1 head and two from the Corbin Herd all females

1901 National Zoological Park   DC   July   14hd   Dem & Chronicle

1901 National Zoological Park   DC   Hornaday sent out plea’s-animals arrived Oct 1      +8hd   Goodnight 4hd 3bulls – 1 cow – Ed Hewens Bull, Cow and yrl hfr – $500 for cows $400 for bulls CJ Jones selected the animals from Goodnight and delivered them.

1901 National Zoological Park   DC   +5hd   In this same year two calves were born and 3 adult cows arrived on a 2yr loan from David J. Gardiner

1901 National Zoological Park   DC   Fall-herd increase   +3hd   Sold to AF Gerald from Page Wire and sold to NZP Pair with 9 mon calf  (Moved to Bronx Zoo? Frank Baker Feb 1902)

1902 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   1hd   at least one calf was born (Yonkers NY)

1902 National Zoological Park   DC   February 13th   14hd   7 Males and 7 females-Hornaday

1903 New York Zoological Park   DC   Death of a cow due to disease like catarrh   -1hd   Loss of a cow

1904 New York Zoological Park   DC   Calf b. 4/24/04   -1hd   Shipped in Dec 1905 Bull Calf to Buenos Aires
1905 National Zoological Park   DC   March Col. W Cody and J.A. Bailey-Deposited   +12hd/32 hd   7 Males and 5 females + One new male calf born. Some of these animals were years later returned, died or remove to another home.  (32hd reported Dec 1904)
1905 National Zoological Park   DC   Herd Increase   +3   Three new calves born
1908 National Zoological Park   DC   January ABS   8hd   3 bulls 5 cows
1914 National Zoological Park   DC   December   42hd   Before the 14hd for Wind Cave
1913 National Zoological Park   DC   Promised, not yet shipped   -14hd   Wind Cave Nat’l Game Preserve
1914 National Zoological Park   DC   28hd   After Wind Cave shipment
1916 National Zoological Park   DC  January-herd increase   21hd   ABS
1918 National Zoological Park   DC  Herd Increase   18hd          


Hornaday Director 1896 to 1926 Bronx Zoo open in 1899 -also named Zoological Park

1889 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Sept Goodnight Texas   +7hd   Jones delivered 7hd from Goodnight’s 4 bulls, 2 cows, one yrl, the largest bull weighs 1800lbs

1896 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   February   +2hd   Cows received from Goodnight-shipment contained 3 cows, one was traded to Hagenbeck Germany

1899 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   June 20th   +1hd   Bull from Chicago Zoo -Turned 3 in August -Is said to be from Hornaday’s’ “Big Bismarck”

1900 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   April Herd Increase   +1hd   Heifer calf born-New calf born from Texas cow. First calf born in park.

1900 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Austin Corbin and William C. Whitney March   +2hd   Bull- Cleveland (originally from Texas Plains @abt 5 yo) Feb 28th and McKinley in March (from Whitney’s herd)

1900 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   1899-1900   -1hd   Bismarck Bull Hornaday in 1901 made this statement when another bull was received at the park claiming to be Bismarck

1900 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Herd Increase   11hd   Census

1900 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Herd Increase   14hd   Hornaday -at least 5 bulls, two cows, calf, and half breed

1901 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Herd increase   +17hd    15hd and two calves

1901 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Herd Increase   +3hd   Big Bismarck Bull originally from YNP (from Maine Merry Meeting Park) Arrived Two males and one female

1902 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   February 10   +5hd   Full bloods – Francis Crandall _Curator

1902 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   February   -1hd   Cleveland Dies-heart degeneration 15 (Harold Baynes) yrs old, caught in Texas

1902 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   April   +2hd   Calves born

1903 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   William C Whitney Sept   +17hd   General assortment of male and female young and old. Gift of his herd Annual Report of ZS

1904 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   end of Year Count   32hd   ARZS  Plus the two European and pigmy buffalo? (one report says 8hd prior to WCW herd. ) In 1900 a limit was set to 25hd

1904 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Norman James of Baltimore   +2hd   European Bison -Originally from the Prince of Pless

1904 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Gift from Whitney   -1hd   McKinley Bull broke a leg during a fight with Black Beauty-June

1905 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Herd Increase May   +6hd   Bison born- Annual Report of the Zoological Society

1905 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   Originally from Whitney herd   -1hd Cow   Black Beauty’s mate dies from wire in heart-Dr. Blair decided to hold an autopsy. A piece of wire three inches long was found imbedded in the sac surrounding Lady’s heart 1905 7yo

1906 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   T.G.M. Cardez of Pa   +5hd    One cow from Page Wire-Bill, older bigger bull Bill,  2000lbs and his son Barney-Yr old hfr and old cow.

1906 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY  Herd Increase-Hornaday Annual report                               34hd   Annual Report 3 born in 1906, I do not know if the new calves are part of the head count, I am going to guess No. (ABS didn’t)-Euro Bison doing well-

1907 New York Zoological Park   NY   Wichita Game Preserve   -15hd    The animals were accepted in 1905, but were waiting to be shipped until fencing was made.

1907 New York Zoological Park   NY   +12cfs   Park contains 14 cows 1907 Report 12 calves born during the year – Still have the two Euro Bison

1908 Bronx Buffalo Zoo   NY   January 1st   43hd   14 Bulls 19 Cows 10 calves


1914 Custer State Park   SD   Scotty Philip herd   36hd   The start of Custer State Park bison herd.
1917 Custer State Park   SD   Herd Increase   50hd 
1919 Custer State Park   SD   Herd Increase   70hd   


1905-1907 Niobrara Reserve   NE   Nucleus Herd   6hd   National Bison Society
1913 Niobrara Reserve   NE   Nucleus Herd   8hd   3 Males and 5 Females-  Garretson ABS
1914 Niobrara Reserve   NE   January   10hd   ABS
1916 Niobrara Reserve   NE   January   11hd   ABS
1918Niobrara Reserve   NE   herd increase   18hd       



1918 Sullys Hill National Park   ND   Nucleus Herd   6hd   2 Males 4 Females
1919 Sullys Hill National Park   ND   Herd Increase                                                                  

1907 Fejervary Park   IA   Wyoming -Howard Eaton   +1hd   fine specimen
1908 Fejervary Park   IA   9hd   ABS

1888 Central Park   NY   4hd   four bison, an adult bull and cow, a two-year-old calf, and a yearling.
1900 Central Park   NY   April &’October 10   4hd   A band of Indians in New York, the other day, went up to Central park to see the herd of American bison confined there. There was nothing else in the park that attracted their attention. With the young Indian the bison is a tradition.


1895 Yosemite Park   CA   Daily Reporter 1895 Ed Hewins-mention herds preserved in the National Park in the “Yosemite Valley and in the Gardens of the Gods.

1902 Yosemite Park   CA   The latest is in regard to a wild herd that it seems the government has been fostering in the Yosemite Park in California. The secretary of the interior last week asked congress for an appropriation of $30,000, for the purchase of sixty buffalo that are for sale somewhere in Montana, to add to this Yosemite collection.

1892 Prospect Park   NY   from Samuel Duryea, NY   +1hd   Young Bull
1897 Prospect Park   NY   Pablo Allard (Indian Res.) +1hd Cow delivered by a man from Kansas
1898 Prospect Park   NY   +1hd New Calf Born    
1902 Prospect Park   NY    2hd in herd-Hornaday 
1903 Prospect Park   NY   William C Whitney    +1hd   Cow from Whitney herd dispersal.  (Brooklyn)


1875 Zoological Garden   OH   Cincinnati   +1hd   First buffalo in zoo
1888 Zoological Garden   OH   4hd   Contains at least one adult Cow and Bull
1902 Zoological Garden   OH   From Howard Eaton-Bull Nov. -several weeks out   +1hd7hd   7hd full blood breeding herd – Cl Williams/Sec of Zoo-Feb 11 1902    ( Presumably from the Pablo Allard herd and a calf, by the price sold.)
1904 Zoological Garden   OH   Herd Increase Dec   17hd    Mr. Mark Sullivan- census taker
1908 Zoological Garden   OH   January ABS   21hd 
1908 Zoological Garden   OH   E H Baynes herd increase   15 head   5 Males and 8 females & 2 calves


____ Golden Gate Park   CA   Nucleus   3hd   Two males and 1 female from the State of Montana
1891 Golden Gate Park   CA   February   +1hd   Four-year-old bull born and raised in Garden City KS “Ben Harrison”
1900 Golden Gate Park   CA   October 10   14hd  
1902 Golden Gate Park   CA   April herd increase   15hd   
1905Golden Gate Park   CA   January   +3hd   Bull and two cows from Howard Eaton -Pablo Herd all 2yo’s
1907 Golden Gate Park   CA   June   14hd 
1908 Golden Gate Park   CA   January   20hd   ABS


1886 Lost Park   CO   Two Hunters (Cornwall & Swem) Fall   -1hd   Killed a cow, Swen says 7 still exist here Rabbit Ear Range area
1886 Lost Park   CO   Hunting Party Fall   -3hd   Kills three head says they seen 29 head
1892 Lost Park   CO   The game wardens who have been searching Lost Park for the men reported to have killed buffalo report that there no evidence that any buffalos have been slaughtered.
1893 Lost Park   CO   December    24hd   Not long ago a small band of buffalos was found in Lost park and more recently a larger herd was found in North park under the protection of ranchmen The herd is said to consist of some two dozen of the rare animals. Their existence has been kept secret through fear of agents of taxidermists and globe-trotting hunters
1894 Lost Park   CO   -4hd   Cow, Bull , 2-year-old and 6-month calf hides found (turned in years later) Leadville Men arrested 1901
1900 Lost Park   CO   October   21hd   Middle and Edgeria Parks
1900 Lost Park   CO   October   18hd   Counted in Summer
1901 Lost Park   CO   February -Bull 200lbs   It is stated that Came Warden Johnson has granted Curator Ferril of the State Natural History Society permission to kill a lonely old buffalo in Lost Park. In order that the hide may be stuffed and preserved in the state museum. Bull reported still alive in March
1901 Lost Park   CO   September    GENERAL MORE FUFFALOES FOUND—Game Warden Harris announces the discovery of a herd of buffaloes whose existence was heretofore unknown. He declines to give the location of their grazing ground for fear that they will be hunted. Mr. Harris is very bitter concerning the many violations of the game laws, particularly in regard to buffalo and mountain sheep, which have been killed this year, and is said to be preparing to make an example of the Leadville men who are awaiting trial for killing the Lost Park herd
1901 Lost Park   CO   Lost & Middle Parks- Fall   25hd   Reported by David Baker of Park Co.
1901 Lost Park   CO   Buffalo Bull -Jones October   There is a crazy bull in LP, which Jones has offered to catch for $500.00
1902 Lost Park   CO   March   est50+   5Hd Lost Park 2 cows, 1yrl, Old bull and young bull Rabbit Ear Range contains 40-50 head (Lost Park 8hd Cincinnati Enquirer Mar 21 1903)
1902 Lost Park   CO   June   In some parts of Colorado you will hear of buffalo known to exist in remote mountain fastnesses, the secret of which is carefully guarded.
1903 Lost Park   CO   April-Bill Passed   Senator Moore’s bill for a constitutional amendment providing for initiative and referendum and a bill making Lost Park the home of the few remaining buffalo in Colorado a state park.
1907 Lost Park   CO   (Reported in 1907)   The Emperor of Germany was looked upon as a sure customer. He was said to have offered $5000 for the crazy bull of Lost Park.

1905 Pittsburgh Zoo   PA   Howard Eaton. May   -2hd   Preparations are being made at the zoo for the two buffaloes which will be received from Howard Eaton’s ranch. This will increase Father Pitt’s herd to five.

1877 Zoological Garden   PA 
1886 Zoological Garden   PA   Cow and Bull   -2hd   To Hon . W. F. Cody for $300
1888Zoological Garden   PA   Herd Increase   10hd   Four are males and six females. Two are calves of 1877.
1899 Zoological Garden   PA   July   +5cfs/20hd   Zoo, all of the five young buffaloes that were born in the Garden during May are alive and flourishing, and disport themselves in their pen with as much friskiness as if they were roaming the plains of Wyoming or Colorado. Three of the calves are females, and two are males, which is another unusual thing, as there is generally an excess of males among animals born in captivity. The birth of these young bison has brought the Zoo herd up to about 20 in number, making it the largest in captivity. 
1900 Zoological Garden   PA   October   15hd   
1904 Zoological Garden   PA   December   9hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1905 Zoological Garden   PA   +1hd   New calf
1908 Zoological Garden   PA   January ABS   9hd 
1869 Lincoln Park    IL   Chicago   1hd   Presented to the Park
1880Lincoln Park   IL   2hd   A pair was presented to the park
1888 Lincoln Park   IL   Spring   7hd   One bull eight years old, one bull four years old, two cows eight years old, two cows two years old, new spring cf
1889 Lincoln Park    IL   January 1889   There are several also in Lincoln park, Chicago. -Lawrence Journal
1890 Lincoln Park   IL   Summer 1890   ?hd   Exported to C .J. Leyland of Hagerstown Castle Northumberland England first member of this herd.
1895 Lincoln Park   IL   -7hd   Exported Seven females mostly in calf Chemnitz, Saxony Germany -Looking for a full blood bull to introduce to existing herd.
1897 Lincoln Park   IL   ?hd   Herd of bison and elk at Lincoln Park sold and sent to Germany. (The Capital City and Lancaster County, Nebraska · Volume 1 1916)
1902 Lincoln Park  IL   Herd increase February   13hd 
1902 Lincoln Park   IL   May – Howard Eaton   1hd   Bull from Allard herd
1904 Lincoln Park   IL   December   20hd   Mark Sullivan census taker
1908Lincoln Park   IL   January ABS   18hd   7 Bulls 6 Cows 5 calves


1902 Fairmount Philadelphia Zoo   PA   February 12   13hd   Six males and 7 females, full blood and are bred.
1902 Highland Park Zoological Garden    PA   March 24   3hd   Male 7yo, Female 6yo and young calf born here

1901 Rand Park   IA   herd   7hd   
1901 Rand Park   IA   -4hd   Sold 4hd to Carl Hagenbeck Germany
1902 Rand Park   IA   3hd   One aged buil, I yrl hfr, I Granddaughter of bull


1919 Pisgah National Game Preserve   NC   Nucleus herd   6hd   3 Males 3 Females

1902 Central Park   NY   February 13   2hd   Hornaday, one of the three died last week

 1907Seneca Park   NY   Originally a single pair   3hd   Just had a new calf.  (Rochester)

1902 Zoological Garden, Forest Park   MO   February St Louis, Missouri   3hd   Two males, One female Full blood

1902 Riverview Park   NE   February   2hd                                                     

1902 Park   IN   Carload to Ft Wayne Ind. May  Howard Eaton   5hd   Took a carload of buffalo to Fort Wayne, Ind., recently. One bull and 4 cows. Howard Eaton -Allard

1902 City Park   IA   February 13 Keokuk    5hd   Hornaday


1896 Van Cortlandt park(loan)   NY   30 head   Austin Corbin wanted them back for their poor care and later all the bison died
1897 Van Cortlandt park(loan)   NY   May 1897   +1hd   New Calf born
1897 Van Cortlandt park(loan)   NY   August    “The bison presented to New York Central Park Zoo by the late Austin Corbin t are dying of some mysterious disease. 
1900 Van Cortlandt park(loan)   NY   October 10   1hd   Austins’ bison did make it back to him and he kept them separated and eventually they all died, one by one.
1902 Van Cortlandt park(loan)   NY   February 13   1hd 


1900 Denver City Park   CO   Bismarck Grove -Col Stanton herd? March   With the removal to the Denver City park last spring of the buffalo from Bismarck Grove, near Lawrence, Kan.,
1902 Denver City Park   CO   March   6hd    State of Colorado Exe. Chamber
1903 Denver City Park    CO   July    reports a number of buffalo
1904 Denver City Park   CO   September   reports large numbers
1905 Denver City Park   CO   1905/06   +5hd   Pablo Allard herd, by way of Eaton
1907 Denver City Park   CO   December   18hd   ABS
1909 Denver City Park   CO   +1hd   New calf born, Its mother was born In the park and is three years old. The sire is one of the Pablo Alta herd from the Flathead reservation in Montana.


1898 Brackenridge Park  TX   Charles Goodnight  +5hd  Nucleus San Antonio Park
1902 Brackenridge Park  TX   Herd Decrease  -1hd/3hd    “The death of the buffalo heifer, at Brackenridge Park was very unfortunate,” said B. F. Sprotley to an Express reporter Friday
1903 Brackenridge Park  TX  Charles Goodnight Dec 2   +3hd   Three buffalo yearlings, two heifers and one bull, the gift of Col. Geo. W. Brackenridge in Antonio, arrived here today for the Goodnight ranch in the Panhandle $750.00 price paid
1906 Brackenridge Park  TX   Herd Decrease   -4hd   Two of the 5 cows died this year and 2 cfs, the only increase
1908 Brackenridge Park  TX   Herd Increase   +1hd   Healthy Bull calf named “Billy”  2nd time to ever have a calf.


Need to resolve: Canada

 Donald Smith  (Lord Strathcona)   CAN   To pay back original loan of $1,000 to buy the herd from Alloway -Bedson   27hd   From Samuel Bedson herd The buffalo grazed on land at his vast estate in Silver Heights.  -pure buffalo-Canada History

Donald Smith   CAN   13/4Xs   The herd numbers 17 animals, thirteen pure bred and four crosses.  Several died due to the very small pen.

Donald Smith   CAN   -5hd/22hd   City of Winnipeg-Alloway says 5hd or -Garretson says 4hd

Donald Smith   CAN   -15hd/7 bal   Rocky Mountain Park at Banff  bal sent to Banff  13 hd-Canada History – Alloway says 15 sent to Banff, he kept 7 for himself

1889 Donald Smith   CAN   Reported by Hornaday April   5hd   The few now owned by Sir Donald Smith at Silver Heights are not likely for some time to fall into the hands of a foreign adventurer.

1897 Donald Smith   CAN   August   15hd   (F&S June/July)

1898 Donald Smith  (Lord Strathcona)   CAN   The Park Buffalo   -17hd   Presented 17 buffalo to the Dominion of Canada The Park Buffalo – The herd numbers 17 in all. There are 5 pure bred males, 11, 7, 6, 5, and 2 years old, and 4 pure bred females, 11, 6, 4, and 2 years old, and one aged half breed cow about 16 years old, one three-quarter bred heifer 3 years old, one three-quarter bred bull 7 years old, and one three-quarter bred bull 5 years old. Four calves of last year, two of them pure, make up the lot.

Lord Strathcona Bison Herd
The Nor’West Farmer April 1898

1898   Donald Smith  (Lord Strathcona)   CAN   National Park @ Banff   -13hd   12 to the National Park  plus Sir Donald Bull – Dept of Interior

18__   Donald Smith  (Lord Strathcona)   CAN   City of Winnipeg   -4hd   City of Winnipeg

aft 1902    Donald Smith   CAN   plus ?   Allard herd gifted from Canadian Gov

1908 Donald Smith   CAN   January ABS   11hd   7 Bulls 3 Cows 1 calf



1897   Rocky Mountain Park(1887)   CAN   October TG Blackstock-Goodnight bison Nucleus   +3hd   There were three animals already in the park that were donated by Toronto Lawyer T.G. Blackstock -Banff Park  Bull and two cows-Already had some bison?

1897 Rocky Mountain Park   CAN  June  Sir Donald December   15/16hd   Bedson Herd

1899 Banff Nat’l Park  CAN   (Rocky Mnt Park) Others are off to the hot springs about three miles distant, while others go to the buffalo herd in the park fenced off for their own use. July 7 The Moose Jaw Times

1900 Rocky Mountain Park   CAN   October   26hd   Dept of Interior                                 

1902 Rocky Mountain Park-Banff   CAN   February 13   31hd   TG Rothwell-Deputy Minister Interior

1904 Rocky Mountain Park   CAN   Dec   45hd   Mark Sullivan census taker

1907 Banff Seven head were taken to Elk Island in exchange 16 head of the Pablo herd were shipped back to Banff.

1908 Rocky Mountain Park    CAN   January ABS   83/13Xs   30 Bulls 37 Cows 16 Calves

1909  Banff _Rocky Mnt Can Herd Increase 107 head- Dept of Interior
 Intend to move about 80 head to Buffalo Park during the summer.


1906 Elk Island
1907- Elk Island-Alberta   CAN Seven hundred and eight buffalo were shipped to Canada, mostly to Elk Island National Park, Alberta. Others were sent to Banff- Howard Douglas and Norman Luxton-Pablo Herd
1907Elk Island- Albert CAN +7hd from Banff and received 16 head of the Pablo herd in exchange

1908 Elk Island-Alberta   CAN   January ABS   479hd   177 Bulls 221 Cows 81Calves

1909  Elk Island –Alberta CAN -325 head to Buffalo National Park (newly opened)
1909 Elk Island Alberta CAN balance of herd after exports 48 hd


1899 1902 Bobcaygeon-Mossom Boyd Co   CAN   Buffalo Bull 1hd is crossing on Herefords.

1902 Bobcaygeon-Mossom Boyd Co   CAN   Herd Count   21Xs   Cincinnati Enquirer Mar 21 1903 (Only 1 full blood in all of Ontario)

1908 Bobcaygeon-Mossom Boyd Co   CAN   January ABS   /43Xs   Cattalo

1915 Mossom Boyd died –Canadian Gov. bought 20 hd of his crosses and transported them to Alberta.


1900 Running Wild   CAN   October   200hd   Great Slave Lake
1902- Great Slave Lake wild bison herd 600hd


____  Wood Buffalo Nat’l Park –Alberta   CAN   The descendants of the Allard-Pablo buffalo can now be found at Wood Buffalo National Park, a tract of land straddling the Alberta-Northwest Territories border.


Forest Reserve became Riding Mountain National Park 1930
          Riding Mnt Nat’l Park Manitoba   CAN   30 plains bison in its Lake Audy enclosure originally obtained from Wood Buffalo National Park.


1907 National Park  CAN? +12hd   These 12 have increased till at present there are over 95 in the herd, besides 13 head which have been presented to different ________ and coast cities.

 1908 Holt, Renfrew & Co Quebec   CAN   January ABS   /1X   Cattalo

1896? City Park, Winnipeg   CAN   Sir Donald   4 or 5hd?                         

1900 City Park    CAN   October 10   4hd 


River Park Zoo Winnipeg Manitoba 1902- 1927
1903 River Park   CAN   August-Street Railway Company   3hd   Howard Eaton-Pablo herd One bull and two cows comprise the trio, and all are fine

1908 River Park   CAN   January ABS   1hd   Cow

1900 Running Wild   CAN   October   200hd   Great Slave Lake