If you enjoy this site, it is all because of the Contributors who have given of their work that makes this site possible.

I am sure to have left a few off my list, as it can get away from me at times. 


BOOKS & PAPERS Contributors

Mavis Greer Phd. and John Greer Phd.

Billings Gazette

The Ecological Buffalo – Wes Olson

The Buffalo, by David Dary pub. 1995 University of Oklahoma

Heads, Hides and Horns by Larry Barsness

The Champion Buffalo Hunter by Victor Grant Smith

The Border and the Buffalo by John R. Cook

Where the Buffalo Roam by Anne Matthews

Imagining Head-Smashed-In: Aboriginal Buffalo Hunting on the Northern Plains by Jack Brink

Bring Back the Buffalo by Ernest Callenbach

American Bison by Harry W. Greene

The History of the American Indian, James Adair

A History of the New York Swamp

Buffalo Tracks -ITBC

The No-Gun Man of Texas

Field Guide of NA Bison –Robert U. Steedpost

Buffalo Nation – Valerius Geist


Bison Monarch of the Plains – Linda Hasselstrom

I will Be Meat for My Salish by Bon I Wealdon & Others

Charles Goodnight COWMAN AND PLAINSMAN  By J. Evetts Haley

Reinterpreting The 1882 Bison Population Collapse – Sierra D. Stoneberg Holt

Did the buffalo roam? – Rufus Ward

“The Frontier Army and the Destruction of the Buffalo: 1865-1883 Author David D. Smits

Endangered Species: A Documentary and Reference Guide By Edward P. Weber (All About Bison honorable mention) 2016

2004 – Restoring a Presence: American Indians and Yellowstone National Park
By Peter Nabokov, Lawrence L. Loendorf (works submitted to the National Parks Service in 1994)

Bison by Jack Ballard

Louisa of Woods’ Crossing: A Story of the Texas Frontier By James Kaye

Planet Natural 

UW News

Clint Gilchrist & Dawn Ballou 

Native American Netroots, Wy 

Michael Fosha

Jake Bluff

Taronga, Monarto Safari Park , Werribee Open Range Zoo-Australia 

New Herald Australia 

Panhandle Pilgrimage

European Bison Pedigee Book 2020

Journal of Mammalogy Present Status of Euro Bison 1921

Alphabet Animal Friends by Susan Govorko 2021



Aranyani Adventure Tourist Park

Sandy Valley Bison

Jason Baldes

Javier Carrera- Photography Mexico

Bison at Rancho Uno

Peter Haase, Buffalo Horn Ranch

Photo-Ken Klemm of Beaver Creek Buffalo

Hidden Creek Ranch – Photo

Legacy Valley Bison of Texas

Lazy G Bison Ranch

Jerlyn Jones Photography

“artwork by Wes Olson”

Rodney Benson

Gerald Hauer, Bison Specialist  Bison Centre of Excellence

Troy Westre-Bitterroot Bison

Roy Lewis – DVM

Vern Anderson -DVM

Richard B. Williams – Oglala Lakota

Ian Egan _ Cartoonist

Stacia Stanek
Federal Affairs Policy Analyst & Vote Bison Campaign Coordinator

Christine Moses of Texas now Oregon

Elia Raining Moon – Apache

Juan B Mancias- Carrizo-Comecrudo

James Derr Texas A&M – Bison DNA

Yolonda Blue Horse – Lakota Nation

Oregon Pioneers – Stephenie Flora

Rodney Benson – Buffalo Jump

Dan Shepard – European Bison

Robert D. Bremel, University of Wisconsin

A. Klingbeil-Calgary Herald

Leland Bement & Kristen Carlson -University of Oklahoma, Norman

Clint Gilchrist & Dawn Ballou 

Michael Fosha

JOSIE MUSICO- Lubbock, Tx Author

Wes Olsen

Johane Janelle

Brian Kenner – Bison in the Badlands

Gerald Hauer, Bison Specialist  – Bison Centre of Excellence

Bison Producers of Alberta  (

Dr. Jeff Martin- SDSU Center of Excellence for Bison Studies

Sierra Dawn Stoneberg Holt, PhD

(Switzerland) WILDLIFE

Dr. Sipko T.P. 119071 Moscow, Russia/

Natural History Museum in London & Credit: Paul Taylor

Vore Buffalo Jump site

Texas Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History

National Buffalo Museum

Museum of the American Bison

Dec. 6th 2014 – A downtown Rapid City museum that did not attract the crowds it had hoped for is moving its bison-related collection to the Crazy Horse Memorial as a way to attract more visitors.

The Museum of the American Bison failed to gain a major foothold in its downtown Rapid City location, where it saw about 17,000 people visit over the past two years. Museum officials hope their collections will draw more visitors due to spillover of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the Crazy Horse memorial in the Southern Hills each year.

Public Library , Museums and Nat’l Gallery of Victoria

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Idaho Heritage

The Bison Museum

Hornaday Smithsonian

Smithsonian Institution Archives

Galt Museum

Hudson Bay Co.

Big Medicine

Buffalo County Historical Society

Comanche National Museum

Galt Museum

Museum of the Great Plains

Royal Alberta Museum

Royal Tyrell Museum

Texas Cattle Raisers Museum

Archaeologists Probe 850 Year Old Buffalo Jump 

Discovering Lewis & Clark


Ulm Pishkun Buffalo Jump State Historical Monument Park and Center

Lewis And Clark Trail

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Library of Congress

Western History Association

Texas Historical Society

The Galerii Historic Photographs
“Artifact and photographs from the collection of R. Paul Firnhaber”

World Wildlife Fund

Farm Online – Australia

Florida Atlantic University

Science Daily

Aranyani Bison (no longer in business) Contact Austrailia Bison Assoc

Choctaw Nation

European Bison Conservation Center  (EBCC)

European Wildlife

Rapid City Journal

State Parks-Montana

Creative Commons



Texas Beyond History

Flying W Guest Ranch

Native American Netroots, Wy

Prehistoric Bison Fauna

Utah State Parks

American Bison Directory

National Geographic

Oklahoma University

Texas A & M

Minnesota State Parks

Crystal Links

Harpers New Monthly Magazine


Gerald Hauer, Bison Specialist  –Bison Centre of Excellence

History Alberta Canada

Canadian Bison Association

The Eagle Post

Indian Country News

Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation & Culture

Bison Producers of Alberta

Calgary Herald

Cleveland Daily Banner

Lubbock Online

Bison Centre of Alberta

National Park Service

Shreveport Times

Prince Albert Daily Herald

CBC News North

Canadian Bison Producer Association

Wildlife Collision Prevention Program

The Guardian

Standing Committee of Union State

Vanatori Park

The Voice of Russia

Wildlife Conservation Society

BBC News

Belarusian News Contributors

Prague Post

Bison at Rancho Uno- Mexico

Rare Breeds Conservation Society

The Deer Park

Hamilton Zoo

Highland Wildlife Park

Farmers Weekly

Nebraska Studies


Intertribal Buffalo Council (The Intertribal Buffalo Council is in the process of building a new website, but they can be reached on their Facebook page or Linked In.)

Rewilding Europe

Spiegel International

European Wildlife

Bison Rock Ranch

Wichita Mnt. Wildlife Refuge

Durham Bison Ranch


Fota Wildlife Park

On-Line Biography’s


Legends of America

Texas History Online 

Center For Great Plains Study


The Connexion French News

RT News

University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas