The Daily Item
Sunbury Pennsylvania Oct 8 1938

Confirms Account Of last Buffalo In Union County

Dr. Lewis E. Theiss, head of the department of journalism of Bucknell University and well known author of boys’ books, has made a thorough investigation confirming the fact that the last buffalo in Union county was killed at Buffalo Cross Roads, January 19, 1801; by Colonel John Kelly.

Great herds of buffalos once roamed through Union county and it was their presence which prompted early settlers to name their fertile land “Buffalo Valley.” However the animals were soon killed off and Colonel Kelly shot the last animal. An enterprising proprietor last spring imported an animal and held a “last buffalo killing.”

 It was not long after buffalo disappeared from Union county that they became almost extinct. However, efforts were made to revive the animals and now there is a herd of 165 wild buffalos roaming through the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and others may be found in zoos and public parks.