Just Plains Funny

Toons from the Just Plains Funny bison herd.



Bizarro Comics
                 Dan Piraro Bizarro Comics

Nat'l Park Closed
                                 Ian Egan Cartoonist
Bizarro Comics
                  Dan Piraro Bizarro Comics
bison cartoon
                                  Ian Egan Cartoonist

Cold BisonIan Egan Cartoonist

Happy New Year
                                  Ian Egan Cartoonist
Happy New Year 2020
                                 Happy New Year 2020
Son, you have to roam.
                             Christmas is coming 2019
 Happy Holloween 2019
.Happy Holloween 2019 Just Plains Funny
Halloween Bison- Ian Egan
Halloween Bison- Ian Egan


Blazing Hot Bison
Blazing Hot Bison – by Ian Egan
Hot July
Henrietta Hot July – by Ian Egan
De Ranged Bison
De-Ranged- by Ian Egan
Spring Fever
Spring Fever- by Ian Egan
Too Much Snow This Year
Too Much Snow This Year- by Ian Egan
No roaming in the house
No roaming in the house – Just Plains Funny
Bison Mascot
Bison Mascot- by Ian Egan
Happy New Year
Happy New Year!- by Ian Egan
Merry Christmas 2018
Merry Christmas 2018 – Just Plains Funny
Bonita Blue Nose Bison
Bonita Blue Nose Bison – Ian Egan
Happy Thanksgiving 2018
Happy Thanksgiving.Just Plains Funny 18
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween- by Ian Egan
Water Buffalo vs American Bison
American Bison are not Water Buffalo- by Ian Egan
Buffalo Once Roamed in Large Numbers
…………………AUTHOR Baynham
Drought = Mud Wallow
Drought = Mud Wallow- by Ian Egan
Happy 4th of July
Happy Fourth of July- by Ian Egan
Babysitter- by Ian Egan
Happy Easter 2018
                    Happy Easter 2018 Just Plains Funny
Tickle Bison
Stop Touching Me!- by Ian Egan
Belly Deep Snow Feb 2018
Belly Deep Snow- by Ian Egan
Baby Bison New Year
Baby New Year- by Ian Egan
Merry Christmas 2017
Merry Christmas 2017   Just Plains Funny
Christmas 2017
Merry Christmas 2017 Just Plains Funny
Christmas Bison 2017
Christmas Bison 2017- by Ian Egan
Bison Thanksgiving Oct 2017
Turkey Talk- by Ian Egan
Baa Baa Bison
Baa Baa Bison- by Ian Egan
Discouraging Word
Discouraging Word- by Ian Egan
Spring Bison Dance
Spring Has Sprung- by Ian Egan
Snowing again.
Snowing………………………………………again- by Ian Egan
Baby New Year
Baby New Year- by Ian Egan
Tiny Little Reindeer
Tiny Little Reindeer- by Ian Egan
Hugs Bison
Hugs Bison- by Ian Egan
Home on the range
Home On The Range- by Ian Egan
Bison Therapy Aug 2016
Bison Therapy- by Ian Egan
Dumb Tourist
Dumb Tourist- by Ian Egan
Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings- by Ian Egan
National Mammal
National Mammal- by Ian Egan
NABR Diet Ian Cartoon Nov 2015
Conservation Herd Registry- by Ian Egan
Bison DNA
Are We Still Buffalo- by Ian Egan
 Humane Handling Sept 2015
Handling Humans- by Ian Egan
Selfie Bison Charging
Bison Selfie- by Ian Egan
Bison Anonymous  Meeting- by Ian Egan
Great Saving Us Again
Here We Go Again- by Ian Egan
Bison Instincts
Once Again- by Ian Egan
Herd Humor- by Ian Egan
1913 New Herd of Bison Interest Scientist
New Herd of Bison of Interest to Scientist-1913 (cattalo) 

Just Plains Funny- Trading with the Natives, with foot on the scale.

The Buffalo Hunt 1848
                                    Buffalo Hunt 1848