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I met Mike Wivell last year when I came across his “Bison’ film. After several conversations, I found out he has several films available and I’m sure will have more to come in the future. I loved the first one I saw simply titled “Bison”,  as a researcher I assumed I was familiar with the content, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything to surprise me. Was I ever surprised, not only in content but by the way he presented the images and music in the background, I was deeply touched. I really enjoyed it and the others, which is why I asked him if I could present them here on my site.  The artistry of these films is truly impressive. I cannot express that enough. The scenes he captured on film are a perfect example of what is being narrated. 


Bison Films

Mike Wivell was raised in London, England, and relocated to Canada later in life. Prior to his move, he worked as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police and was also a SCUBA Instructor, which allowed him to explore various diving spots around the world. During his time as a diver, Mike began filming his underwater adventures with a camcorder and underwater housing. However, due to other commitments, he was unable to pursue filmmaking as a full-time career until he started his own video services business in Canada.

After settling near Elk Island National Park, just outside of Edmonton, Mike developed a fascination with the bison that inhabited the area. This led him to travel across Canada for the next five years, producing documentaries that not only focus on the bison but also delve into the history associated with them, as well as with the First Nations people. Mike’s latest film, titled “The Story Never Truly Told,” is currently being showcased at various film festivals, and will soon be available for purchase or rental.


Here is what caught my eye on this first film,  Mr. Wes Olson. Okay, now I have to see this film. (I’m a fan) and now his wife as well. She is a professional photographer, Johane Janelle. This couple has dedicated their lives to finding all they can about Bison and Wildlife and they share that adventure with us. (see Bison Ecology)


Bison Films


Wes Olson shares his knowledge of North America’s largest land mammal, the bison. Filmed in Elk Island National Park and Grasslands National Park, Canada; The film allows the viewer to get up close to this iconic animal and learn of their behaviour.

With more than 40 years of experience working with bison in almost every habitat they occupy in Canada, and on topics ranging from ecology to behaviour, genetics to subspeciation, Wes is one of, if not the leading experts on bison in North America.

Included with Purchase (only)  – “Restoration – 10,000 Bison In A Suitcase On A Plane”.


“Bison” can be seen on Vimeo for more information and Rental or PurchaseBison Films






The “Restoration 10,000 Bison In A Suitcase On A Plane” film is included automatically with the purchase of “BISON” (above) only, not accessible when renting it. 

In this short film, you get an inside look into the work being done to preserve bison behind the scenes. 








The film visits a milestone in bison conservation efforts within Canada and looks behind the scenes of a herd of plains bison being transferred from Elk Island National Park to Banff National Park. Behind the scenes of Parks Canada working to re-introduce a herd after a significant absence and what the hopes are for the project for both restoration of the land and for peace and reconciliation efforts with First Nations.


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Bison Films
A visually stunning look at how First Nations hunted bison on the Northern Plains of Canada for over 6,000 years before European contact. Jack W. Brink is the retired archaeology curator at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Canada and Jack shares his 25 years of experience of working at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. The large communal bison traps of the Plains were the single greatest food-getting method ever developed in human history. Hunters, working with their knowledge of the land and of buffalo behaviour, drove their quarry over a cliff and into wooden corrals. The rest of the group butchered the kill in the camp below. Jumps & Pounds is the definitive telling of two of Alberta’s UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites; Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. The film also filmed at Bodo Archeological Site and Centre.
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Bison Films
Rupert’s Land to the confederacy and the settlement of white Europeans in what is now Canada. The treatment of First Nations, Treaties and a history few Canadian’s know about. Filmed across Canada, the film tells how the Hudson’s Bay Company, the fur trade and pemmican all had an important part to play in the creation of a nation.

James Daschuk, Bill Waiser, Frank Tough, Amelia Fay, George Colpitts, Brock Silversides and Bruce Cutknife feature.
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The Story Never Truly Told
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Mike Wivell of Bison Film and Square Sheep Films 

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