Southern Plains Bison: July 2013

It’s getting crazy out there! Bulls are ‘roaring’, tending and sparring causing you to begin sensing that you might not be as safe out there on foot all of the sudden. Trust your senses…. And don’t be out there on foot this time of year. They’re busy and other than feeding, they require the benefit of our absence. Feeding is a smart thing to do in the summer if Texas bison is your bag.  Another smart thing to do is planning for the coming fall, winter and your marketing strategy options with plenty of time to consider many alternatives.

Planning for fall and winter forage should be a thing done in July and August, or earlier, so that your ducks are in a row when the time comes. Making contact with your best potential market patrons is also a recommended measure in herd management. You may have the later planned and arranged for, but as for the former, you should be pricing seed, finding help/ farm services and deciding which method of cool season forage you are willing to experiment with, or decide if buying winter feed is cheaper.
Food plots can be very beneficial and benefit your pastures at the same time. If you are planning to establish winter and spring forage, I like to use no-till technology as opposed to plowing and planting. There are most likely farmers in your area that have a no-till drill to pay for, and would be happy to rent it or provide the service for a fee. The earlier in the fall you plant, the more forage you will have. One acre will sustain 1 animal unit for a good 90 days in the spring, as well as providing green forage through the winter.

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Stay cool! Stay out of their way, and plan! 
 By: Tim Frasier, Frasier Bison LLC