Today, bison can be found in all 50 states, in every Canadian province and in several countries overseas.


Nearly 95 percent of these bison were raised in private herds. In the United States, bison herds account for nearly 200,000 head on 4,500 farms and ranches (2007 Census of Agriculture). Canadian producers add an additional 200,000 head to the North American herd. The balance is part of a Native American herd, lives on public lands (for example, Yellowstone National Park with 3,500 wild, free-ranging bison) or resides in zoos and reserves.

The American Bison Society was founded in 1905 by pioneering conservationists and sportsmen including William T. Hornaday and Theodore Roosevelt to help save the bison from extinction and raise public awareness about the species.


Native American herds, which number close to 15,000 buffalo.


American Bison Assoc. of Australia (facebook)

American Bison Society

Bison producers of Alberta ,Bison Centre of Excellence The Bison Producers of Alberta (BPA) represents the Bison industry for the province and works together with the Canadian Bison Association (CBA)

British Columbia Bison Association

Canadian Bison Association

Eastern Bison Association

Illinois Indiana Bison Assoc

Inter Tribal Buffalo Council  (The Intertribal Buffalo Council is in the process of building a new website, but they can be reached on their Facebook page or Linked In.)

Kansas Buffalo Association

Manitoba Bison Association

Michigan Bison Assoc.

Minnesota Buffalo Assoc.

Missouri Bison Assoc.

Montana Bison Assoc

National Bison Assoc.

Northwest Bison Association

Oklahoma Bison Assoc

Ontario Bison Assoc.

Pennsylvania Bison Association

Rocky Mountain Buffalo Assoc

Western Bison Association

Wisconsin Bison Producers

Union quebecoise du bison



Endangered Species: A Documentary and Reference Guide by  Edward P Weber

In this thought-provoking work, author Edward P. Weber examines the values, policies, challenges, and approaches to endangered species conservation over the past 200 years. Using primary source documents and in-depth analysis of the issues, the reference tracks the evolution of species protection and conservation in the United States, and offers a brief look at global programs in the United States and other parts of the world. The book surveys how different countries are faring in protecting their plant and animal life, and considers which guidelines and programs hold the most promise for success in the future.

Chapters compare and contrast past and present attitudes regarding endangered species and extinction and identify the influence of major organizations and individuals central to the debate over endangered species. Judiciously selected primary documents also explore the impact of species endangerment and loss on natural ecosystems–and ultimately, on humankind itself.

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