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Dr Jeff Martin: Whence the Buffalo Roamed:
When and Where Were Bison Roaming During Colonial North America and Before?


Pablo was a great read, an honorable man, and very much a hard worker. How devastated he must have been, after all his hard work and dedication, to have our government act so slow as not to be able to keep his herd.

Over the years, they were animals sold here and there to be butchered for meat. Not to mention the ones Pablo also butchered for meat, for his family, or for those around him.

Buffalo Tracking for Pablo Allard Buffalo Herd


So the story of Samuel Walking Coyote

When he got home, he asked his mother, “Where are my buffalo?”

“They are gone,” his mother told him. “Your [stepfather] sold them. They were driven off several days ago. You have some money in the amount of a thousand and several hundred dollars. Your stepfather has your money.

We are using some of it for food, bought groceries.”

[Hawk] cried, he felt so bad. That was the end of that.
[Tape 95, FCC Transcripts, Courtesy of Kootenai-Salish Culture Committee].


1873 Walking Coyote- Littel Falcon Robe aka Blanket Hawk herd- MT   Piegan Indian   1hd   Famished Buffalo bull calf -story told by Told by Que que sah & later Tony Barnaby, son-in-law of Michael Pablo

1873 Walking Coyote  MT   Bison Gathered from Montana   4hd   by Chief Moses Michell -3 calves

1878 Walking Coyote  MT   Bison Gathered from  Montana   7 calves   Bull & heifer 1st trip, 2nd trip 2 bulls 3 heifers as recalled by Charles Aubrey – Trading post on Marias River

1884 Walking Coyote  MT   -10hd   Chas. Allard and Michael Pablo bought of an Indian named Samuel ten head of buffalo, which the Indian brought from east of the Rocky Mountains


1884 Pablo- Allard   MT   Walking Coyote   12/14hd   Start of herd

1887 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Increase   15hd   Great Falls Triune-started with two bull and two hfr cfs.

1888 Pablo-Allard   MT   Herd Increase    35hd pure   7 calves, 6 yearlings, 6 two year olds, 4 cows and two bulls that are 14 years old

1891 Pablo – Allard   MT   Herd Increase   abt50hd   Missoula Weekly Gazette

1893 Pablo- Allard   MT   CJ Jones Herd of 44-46hd Prior to this 64/16hd   95/31hd   The herd had been depleted by ill-health, they were infested with Texas cattle lice, to just 26 pure-bred and 18 hybrid animals. Jones’ need to sell was forced upon him when he became heavy-indebted during the financial panic of 1893 (46hd @ 38k? 31 full & 15 half blood)

1893 Pablo –Allard   MT   Two year olds   -15hd   In fact he has already disposed of 15 two year-old calves to parties in England at $1,000 per head and which will be shipped to the old country early next spring.

1895/96 Pablo – Allard   MT   William Finley, Montana   +25/30hd   Sold his herd to P-A

1896 Allard Dies   MT   Split herd               

1897 Pablo –Allard   MT   Smithsonian institute at Washington.   -3hd   Michael Pablo has sold another small band of buffalo from the Allard herd, this consignment being destined for the Smithsonian institute at Washington. (Bull and two cows) $500each

1897 Allard   MT   Eaton to Pittsburgh   -2hd   Howard Eaton who passed through here Saturday night with the two buffaloes obtained from the Allard herd on the Flathead headed to Pittsburgh

1897 Allard   MT   Hiram B. Adams to New York   -40hd   Mr. Adams, the purchaser, is taking this band to New York state, where he has contracted for their sale to zoological gardens and private parks. The other 32 will be distributed in different parts of the east as well as a car load of elk he has purchased between Butte and Pocatello, Idaho.

1898 Pablo   MT   320hd   No roundup was made until 1898, when there were found to be 320 all told.

1898 Pablo   MT   1hd Cow   One cow to Prospect Park (Cow received from Indian Res.)                               

1900 Pablo   MT   October (Allard herd)   259hd                                         

1901 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Increase   +65cfs   In 1901, 65 calves were added to the herd. About half of the cows are said to have calves each year. 

1901 Allard   MT   October 4 Pair Hansen & Burgess   -8hd   By taking advantage of Al – lard’s knowledge of the buffalo, they managed to gain a good view at close range, and bargained with him for four cows and four calves, which were to be delivered at the railway station at Salish.

1901 Allard   MT   Iowa Feb 1902   -6hd   Six cows were sold to a party in Iowa Hornaday February 13 1902

1901 Allard   MT   Tacoma, Washington   -8hd   Tacoma, Washington to be butchered-Bulls

1902 Pablo Allard   MT   Herd Split   330-70Xs   During the past year, there have been sold nearly 100 animals. In the years past others have been sold, but the number is not determined. AAB Allard

1902 Allard   MT   Howard Eaton -Bulls for Taxidermist   -6hd   Howard Eaton of Medora. N. D.. accompanied by F. B. Tolhurst, the taxidermist returned this week from the Flathead country, where they were successful in securing six fine specimens of bull buffalo from the Allard herd -Two sent to John Rowley -Taxidermist

1902 Mrs Allard   MT   C. E. Conrad 27hd   -27hd   Conrad herd

1902 Pablo Allard   MT   Between 40 and 50 are said to have been sold to a company, the majority to stay on the reservation, the others to be used in the show business. Several were sold to Iowa parties.

1902 Allard   MT   Burgess & Hanson-Luana, Iowa   -15hd   Burgess & Hanson, We will follow the course of Merrs. Pablo and Allard and let the buffalo roam, feed and increase undisturbed. AAB Allard

1903 Pablo   MT   Herd Increase   330/70hd   330 pure bloods and 70 mixed-news article

1904 Pablo   MT   Count Ernest Bernstroff    -2hd   sold him two buffalo from his bunch on the reservation (to hunt) Howard Eaton

1906 Pablo   MT   Herd Increase   700+hd     

1907 Pablo –Allard   MT   Reports of over a 1,000 head being sold off this ranch in its life time   -708hd   Seven hundred and eight buffalo were shipped to Canada, mostly to Elk Island National Park, Alberta. Others were sent to Banff- Howard Douglas and Norman Luxton

1908 Pablo   MT   January ABS   289hd   106 Bulls 134 Cows 49 Calves

1908 Charles Allard   MT   January ABS   /40Xs   About 40 crosses


1895 Howard Eaton Bad Lands   SD   Schenley Park in the fall   -1hd   Buffalo Bull-The lot will include a fine buffalo bull, a lot of antelope, several deer, a large lynx, and several magnificent swans.

1897 Howard Eaton   SD   Pittsburgh   -2hd   Howard Eaton recaptured his two buffalo on Tuesday in the Bad Lands. This enabled Mr. Eaton to complete his car of buffalo and elk. _Allard Herd

0000 Howard Eaton   SD   “When I afterward purchased the Allard interests there were about 400 in the herd, and I secured four-fifths of the Allard holdings. I have been gradually selling them off and by spring I expect to have disposed of nearly all of these.”

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   August 3rd report   -3hd   “The City of Winnipeg boasted a second small herd at River Park. These animals had formed part of the Pablo-Allard herd and had been purchased first by Howard Eaton and then by the Winnipeg Street Railway Company. It seems that they were later transferred from River Park to Assiniboine Park.”

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Bulls – Goodnight Herd?   -2hd    Two bulls were shipped to Texas- Jul 1903 Others will be shipped to Mr. Eaton’s herd in Dakota, and still others to Texas, where there is a herd, the idea being to infuse new blood into those herds

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Yellowstone 18 Cows and 2 Bulls   -20hd   Howard Eaton -handled the sale from Allard herd 2 Bulls and 18 cows ($ 10,000?) ABS 18 cows, I suspect the 2 bulls went another direction, Texas_Goodnight?

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Carload to Ft Wayne Ind. May  Brookside farm -John H Bass- May   4hd   Took a car­ load of buffalo to Philadelphia & Fort Wayne, Ind., recently. One bull and 4 cows. Brookside Farm 4hd, prob.3 cows and one bull 

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Philadelphia – May   1hd   Cow from May 6th load of 6 animals

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   Lincoln Park, Chicago-May   -1hd   Bull to zoo, Lincoln Park, Chicago

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   August 3hd -Allard Herd to River Park Can.   -3hd   One bull and two cows comprise the trio, and all are fine. River Park Canada

1902 Howard Eaton   SD   March   George Miller of Ranch 101 in Ponca Reservation has gone to Chicago, where he will make deal for thirty head of Buffalo for the ranch. The animals are part of a Montana herd and will be shipped to the ranch in a week. Several head of the animals will be slaughtered .

1903 Howard Eaton   SD   Est 1903   +65hd   Allard daughters herd. . The three daughters retained their interest until last spring. Then 27 had increased to 65, and were then sold to a man of the name of Eaton, at $255 each, on the range

1904 Howard Eaton   SD   Count Ernest Bernstroff  Dec.   -2hd   sold him two buffalo from his bunch on the reservation (to hunt) Howard Eaton

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   Tacoma Washington –June   -2hd/40hd   Chutes Management bought a pair from Eaton-to be shipped aft June – His herd are running with that of Michael Pablo, of the Flathead reservation

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   +1hd    Male from the Smithsonian herd

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January (1st week)   -5hd   delivered to Denver City Park-

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January -end of month   -2hd   delivered to Los Angeles -He had a herd of 10 buffalos that he secured there and which he was taking south. Part of the animals were for California and the remainder for zoological gardens in the east.

1904 Howard Eaton   WY   January-end of month   -3hd   delivered to San Francisco -He had a herd of 10 buffalos that he secured there and which he was taking south. Part of the animals were for California and the remainder for zoological gardens in the east.

1905 Howard Eaton   WY   January   -3hd   Golden Gate Park Bull and two cows from Howard Eaton -Pablo Herd all 2yo’s

1905 Howard Eaton   WY   Pittsburg Pa. May   -2hd    Preparations are being made at the zoo for the two buffaloes which will be received from Howard Eaton’s ranch. This will increase Father Pitt’s herd to five.

1907 Howard Eaton   WY   Fejervary Park Iowa –March   -1hd   fine specimen big buffalo to replace one that was killed several weeks ago.

1908 Howard Eaton   WY   January ABS   10hd   5 males, 5 females (ABS)