Articles & Publications

Articles & Publications


From time to time I run across a great bison-related article, and sometimes the author lets me share. These are just a few I wanted to share. I have articles throughout this site from other contributors. These are enough on their own and I felt they would have been lost in other content, and they may fit into several categories, which is why I separated them from the rest. All published content has great information; sometimes you may run across one that you question. But…there is always something that makes me want to keep it. Sometimes it may be one sentence out of a paragraph, but if you are researching, you like to know in what context was it used. So I keep it all together. Several times I have read books or news articles…that seem to be like all the others, then there is that one sentence that made it all worth it. It leads you on a new search, excitied you may finally find something new or how something happened.

The Frontier Army and the Destruction of the Buffalo: 1865-1883
David D . Smits


Did the buffalo roam?
by Rufus Ward


Reinterpreting the 1882 Bison Population Collapse
By Sierra Dawn Stoneberg Holt, PhD


The Battle of Adobe Walls
By E.C. Little 1909


Where the buffalo Dont Roam
By T. Frasier


Should Oregon Have A Bison Range
by William L. Finley -1944


Mitogenomes revealed the history of bison colonization of Northern Plains after the Last Glacial Maximum
IgorV. Ovchinnikov1* & Blake McCann2 07/15/23