Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma


The Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma is a federally recognized tribe with about 300 members. It is the smallest tribe in Oklahoma and is located in Ottawa County in the northeast corner of the state.

The tribe, led for the past 40-plus years by Chief Bill G. Follis and based in Miami, Okla., has reintroduced a bison herd and produces meat for sale.


Bison Range

The Modoc range is 600 acres located near the Oklahoma-Missouri border in Northeast Oklahoma. The range is part of the original Modoc allotment land. The range hosts about 200 bison.Modoc Bison Bull

The bison were purchased from the park service and are wild bison. They are grass fed and are raised in an environment that is as natural as possible to a wild environment.

The bison meat is known for its nutritional value. The bison are harvested and bison meat is available for sale at the Modoc Administrative Office.

You can learn more about this tribe at their site Modoc Tribe




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