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Adams Country Free Press, Iowa, Dec 20 1919

F.A. Savage,
……an enterprising meat man of Iciola has bought a buffalo from the “Scotty Phillips” ranch of 10,000 acres near Ft. Pierre, S. D., Where there is a herd or more than 1000 head. The ranch was started in the early 80’s with a herd of 40 head. The ranch is fenced with a 7-foot woven wire fence with two strings of barb wire on top, and in the pasture there are hills, plains, timber, natural springs and everything a buffalo needs. Mr. Leonard who is now manager of the ranch, says after eight years in charge of the herd, he finds the animals native intelligence to be unusual. They never graze in among the buttes, where there is both shelter and feed in the summer time, but reserve it for the winter time when the snow gets deep and in driving storms you will find them in sheltered places, living on the grass that they can serve during the summer. The animal will come to Mr. Savage with the hide and head on and be an very interesting sight to almost every man, woman and child.



Adams County Free Press, Iowa, Dec 24 1919


……In answer to many personal inquiries as to how it came about that that Tinsley Film Company went to South Dakota last fall, I will say that in the first place it was no easy job to get them to go in after they arrived it was a still harder job to secure the rights which were granted without paying in cash heavily for the privilege. However, though my personal acquaintance with the real estate firms, bankers, directors, boss farmers and the Scotty Philips Estate and Indian Chiefs, I secured for Mr. Tinsley the privilege of getting the film of this great performance, which is all real.
……This show is an annual event which takes place twenty miles south of my ranch on the Indian Reservation on the White river in Mellette county, South Dakota. Thousands of people congregate every year from all over the United States and even as far as Mexico and South America to enter in these contest for the large prizes offered by the association for the best riders, bull-doggers, skillful ropers and in fact every daring stunt they can be or ever was pulled off in the West.
……Thousands of Indians from various tribes congregate in their grand and gorgeous array and put on war dances, pow wows, dog eating, etc. Many performances Mr. Tinsley paid the Chiefs for extra in order to get them to do stunts that were not on the program. One chief would not consider a cash payment but through the interpreter, the Indian boss farmer, Mr. Tinsley finally secured what he wanted to make complete his film by agreeing to dance what is called a squaw dance with the squaws which he did, to the general daylight of all the Indians.
……In addition to the great performance at White river, I secured a right which had never been granted before to any movie man and drove 125 miles myself to do so and that is worth the price of admission itself. The Scotty Philips Buffalo ranch of over eight hundred buffalo. They wanted $500 for the right but I was personally acquainted with the boys, who, by the way, are fine sports, and secured the right for nothing as I a convince them it was as much of an investment for them and South Dakota as it was for the Film company. It takes some nerve to go out among eight hundred buffalo and commence twisting the crank but Tinsley stood pat until a big bull got wise and started to go over the top and believe me we all moved. These buffalo are worth about $300 each and are owned by the Philips’ estate. Scotty Philips’ wife was in the Indian. The boys and girls are mighty fine people and assisted us in every way possible. In addition to the above named performances, there are many features that are too numerous to mention- the eagle eye of the camera caught Frank Widner and Carl Piper looping the loop six thousand feet above the crowd in a big army airplane and Ed Johnson, our café proprietor, dancing the Indian War Dance and talking heap-much with Big Chiefs.
……To make a long story short, be prepared to go and see this great production as it is well worth your time and many times the cost. I am not interested in a sense financially but want my friends to see a real Wild West Movie.

Yours truly,
E. B. Piper.



Chicago Daily Tribune Dec 28 1919
Buffalo Exhibited in Loop to Provide Steaks for New Year’s


1919 Bison History Chicago Daily Dec 28

……The carcass of an 1,100 pound buffalo was carried about the loop on a truck yesterday to let Chicagoans know that they are to have a chance to eat buffalo meat on New Year’s day. The buffalo is one of three just received by a local meat market from the ranch of Scotty Phillips near Fort Pierre, S.D. Phillips raises the animals for the market. He has a herd of 1,200 on his ranch, and each year cowboys shoot the young bulls in true Buffalo Bill fashion. This year 120 were killed, and Chicago received three as its share.