Seneca Nation

The Seneca Nation on the Allegany Territory is marking Native American Heritage Month with a historic ceremony. The InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) will be releasing wild buffalo back onto the reservation.

November 15th 2021ITBC  image
“Buffalo release to the Seneca Nation this past week!! We are thrilled to work with the Seneca Nation as one of the newest ITBC Member Tribes, and the first member Nation in NY state! Great thanks to The Nature Conservancy and Kinkakee Sands for this partnership, and to the Seneca Nation for welcoming these relatives home! ”     InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC)

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It’s part of a nationwide effort to use the growing American Bison population to restore herds to Indigenous Tribes that once lived off the buffalo population. In a statement, the ITBC said, “This endeavor aims to heal generations-long atrocities of government-backed tactics to drive Native peoples off their lands by slaughtering buffalo, leaving them nearly extinct.”



Seneca Nation- One bison at a time. 

On November 8, 2020, Gakwi:yo:h Farms relocated their wild bison herd to Ohi:yo’ at the Sunfish flats in Allegany, a sprawling 300-acre plot of land where the bison may roam freely. A project they have been working since 2018 with 14 bison, buying from the locals one at a time and now have 51 bison.  They plan on having enough of them that they can do a seasonal hunt one a year on both land plots. The new 400 acres and the previous 300.


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