Southern Plains Bison: Mar 2015

Southern Plains Pointers – March 2015

Red Dot Alert! The first new lines of 2015 models are sprinkling the southern plains with big heavy brown clouds gathering and indicating a big event.  It will soon be ‘Raining Red-Dots’. The colors of the southern plains this time of year are brilliant and diverse as ecological succession paints a canvas never to be repeated and enhanced by the colors of sable and chocolate-brown. If you are lucky enough to see this in your travels, or on your property, squint and take away all things civilization and behold – the southern plains a millennia in the making.

Bison ranchers, by and large, consider their herd part of a wildlife restoration-mission and strive to do all they can for them. It is this time of year I receive calls about calving and what folks should do. My standard response is to prepare for the worst – and/but! – let nature work.  Preparation means: contact information and a positive relationship with a local veterinarian, an orphan kit and most important, the ability to make wise decisions. Wise decisions means: how does helping one buffalo impact the herd and how does continuing a genetic predisposition of calving problems impact the species. It can be hard to make wise decisions when investment is a factor in the equation, but bison ranching requires such consideration.

As your land becomes brilliantly painted by brush-strokes and the blotting of spring succession, and if you are blessed by sable and brown, squint and realize that you are part of, and witness to; something miraculous. Then open your eyes and realize that you are part of it, and by doing it, conserving it for future generations.

New calves


Frasier Bison L.L.C.