Texas Bison Week

Texas Celebrates  Texas Bison Week:
First full week of May through 2022
By: The Buffalo Drum News Team

Did you miss it? Don’t worry; we got a whole year to get ready for Texas Bison Week – 2016!!

Texas bison week was initiated by Debbie Northrop for her Texas Bison Festival, and carried on, with her permission, by the Texas Bison Association annually every year. During the 83rd legislature, the year that bison were graciously included to the Texas Ag Code language under the Estray laws, the TBA once again requested the ceremonial proclamation of Texas Bison Week. To our surprise and at the behest of Christine Moses, it was decided that Texas Bison Week should be established through the year 2022 by way of CSR 20, sponsored and introduced by one of the true champions of Texas Bison, Senator Craig Estes. Luck and assumptions aside, this blessing occurred, as a matter of public record, on the watch of Christine Moses as the energetic, warm and professional face of the Texas Bison Association.

Texas Bison Week was innovated to cause attention by the Texas general public to bison and bison products every year. The first full week in May was chosen to celebrate a new generation of American icons, in Texas, whereas May begins the bulk of the calving season. The diverse communities in support of Texas bison include: ranching, state parks, private parks, retail grocers, farmers markets, restaurants, conservation-projects, hunting, agri/eco-tourism, schools and the list goes on. Texas Bison Week avails the health conscious consumer of meat, as well as the entire general public, an opportunity to celebrate bison with a bit of Texas Brag. As we continue to learn the advantages and added value of bison to a consuming public hungry for authenticity and all things ecologically positive, Texas Bison Week serves the multitude by providing the general public – a chance to be a part of it.

If you have an official ‘Bison’ holiday for your state or locality, we would be proud to include it.

Link for original proclamation       Link to Texas bison letter