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Tejas Texas Tribe

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Governor De Leon made an additional excursion into Texas the following year, 1690. On this
excursion he was assigned the task of burning the fort’s remain and bringing back any of the
fort’s survivors. He accomplished his task in that two young French boys, 14 year old Pierre
Talon and 20 year old Pierre Meunier were retrieved from the Indian tribes.

These young men had been placed with the local Indians, the Toho and Tejas, to learn
their customs and become assimilated into their culture.

Also recovered were the three Talon children that had been taken captive by the
Karankawa. It was customary for Indian’s to spare the lives of children. These children
were Marie Madeleine age 16 and two boys ages 8 and 5.

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About the Tejas Indians

The White Man Finds the Tejas Indians

Texas is the largest state in this great land of ours. Long ago, long before Columbus came to the New World, the people who lived in Texas were not white. They had bronze-colored skins. They were called Indians, because the first white people who found them thought they had come to the far-off land of India.

In a number of ways the Indians of the New World were like us. We like to tell stories, and so did they. They did not write their stories on paper because they did not know what paper was, and so they learned their stories by heart and remembered them. Fathers and mothers told the stories to their children and the children told them again to their children when they had grown up.

The stories in this book came mostly through the Tejas Indians, who belonged to certain tribes of east Texas, but the Comanches, Alabamas, Wacos, Wichitas, Tonkewas, Attakapas, and Karankawas * gave us some of the stories. The peaceful Tejas Indians made treaties with the warlike tribes west of their country, such as the Comanches and Wacos. By doing this the Tejas people could go out of their own country to get the hides and meat of

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