Southern Plains Bison: April 2016

Calving & Adapting To Us Things tend to happen all at once this time of year, or so it seems in the southern plains, leaving us charged with thinking ahead and managing for stepping aside and letting nature take its course.  Calving problems can happen with bison. Heifers do heifer things like spook at the new shadow, cows can choose ‘the herd’ over a slow-starter, and young bulls can be a problem if they confuse the scent of calving with estrus. It is also true that 90% of the fetal development occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy. This is … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Mar 2015

Southern Plains Pointers – March 2015 Red Dot Alert! The first new lines of 2015 models are sprinkling the southern plains with big heavy brown clouds gathering and indicating a big event.  It will soon be ‘Raining Red-Dots’. The colors of the southern plains this time of year are brilliant and diverse as ecological succession paints a canvas never to be repeated and enhanced by the colors of sable and chocolate-brown. If you are lucky enough to see this in your travels, or on your property, squint and take away all things civilization and behold – the southern plains a millennia … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Mar 2014

Spring has sprung and it won’t be long before it’s “raining red-dots” across the southern plains. There are a few points of interest in preparing for a new generation of American icons. The lush spring green explosion in the south can be less mineralized than the harder grasses during the warm-season, or summer. Micro minerals like copper have a direct impact to uterine tone and function. I like to make sure that a good mineral supplement, formulated for breeding stock in my area, is readily accessible to the bison herd prior to calving season to reduce the occurrence of calving … Read more