For The Love of Texas Bison -August 2015

For The Love of Texas Bison – Aug 2015

Bull Dancer Bison Ranch

As a high school junior Shelby Bishop reached out to a few bison ranches in Texas.  The Bull Dancer Bison Ranch (BDBR) was the lucky ranch that got to work with her.  She had entered a sculpture she created of the endangered Texas Horned Toad in the Houston Live Stock Show.  Before finding out that her piece was a finalist and premium class winner at HLSR she was planning on doing her next sculpture of a buffalo.

Shelby contacted Dan and Susan Humphries, owners of the BDBR, they invited her and her family out for a visit.  During their visit they all spent time in the pastures with the herd taking pictures of the bison which Shelby said was an amazing experience!

That summer she was selected to attend the Western Art Academy at Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas. Run by the Houston Rodeo, it is offered to 46 students from the Houston area who received an award for their artwork at the rodeo. At the Western Art Academy, she was given the chance to create a series of western-themed sculptures and oil paints under the direction of professionals in the field. She chose to model her sculpture from the photos she took of Cheyenne at the BDBR ranch. (Please see the attached image for the sculpture) “It has been a blessed and fantastic experience being able to attempt the capturing of the soul of such a majestic animal in a simple bronze statue”, said Shelby.

The BDBR purchased the original art allowing Shelby to have 2 bronze made of her sculpture, one for her and one for the BDBR (see photo of the bronze).  Dan said, “She is a gifted and passionate young artist and we were blessed to be part of her journey with our bison”.  From her beautiful work in oils and sculpting of Western Art keep an eye out for her work before she becomes famous.  Shelby was 17 when creating the Texas Horned Toad and Cheyenne sculptures. She graduated Kemper High School last year and now attends Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas.

For The Love of Texas Bison & Wine Aug 2015