For The Love of Texas Bison -August 2015

For The Love of Texas Bison – Aug 2015 Bull Dancer Bison Ranch As a high school junior Shelby Bishop reached out to a few bison ranches in Texas.  The Bull Dancer Bison Ranch (BDBR) was the lucky ranch that got to work with her.  She had entered a sculpture she created of the endangered Texas Horned Toad in the Houston Live Stock Show.  Before finding out that her piece was a finalist and premium class winner at HLSR she was planning on doing her next sculpture of a buffalo. Shelby contacted Dan and Susan Humphries, owners of the BDBR, … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> Wholesale Slaughter Nashville Union Jan 6 1874 Wholesale Slaughter With reference to the wholesale slaughter of buffalo on the plains, a Western paper says: Mr. Lessing estimates that there are at least two thousand hunters in camp along there waiting for buffalo. He came across one party of sixteen, who stated that they killed twenty-eight thousand buffaloes during the past summer, the hides of which only were utilized. If sixteen hunters can kill this many animals, how great must be the slaughter upon the broad extent of the bison range? Evidently millions of the animals must have … Read more