Page in progress The Lakota people were the first to call this place “mako sica” or “land bad.”  Extreme temperatures, lack of water, and the exposed rugged terrain led to this name. Text Appearing Before Image: Pt. I., Zool. Mam., 108.Equus curvidens, Owen. Leidy: Proc. Ac. Nat. Sc, 1847, III. 262. See Proceedings of the American Association, at Cambridge, 1849, II. 352. See the map accompanying this memoir, for the use of which I am indebted to Dr. D. D. Owen.* P. 196. INTRODUCTION. 11 From the high prairies that rise in the back-ground, by a series of terraces towards the … Read more

Charles E Conrad

  Charles E. Conrad,  in 1891 founded a town at the site of the new Great Northern Railway division point Kalispell. Born on May 20, 1850 he died in 1902 at age 52 from complications of diabetes and tuberculosis.   The Kalispell Bee Kalispell, Montana April 29 1901 THE CONRAD BUNCH. Of Buffalo Driven in From the Range to the Park on Stillwater. Twenty-eight head of yearlings, two year-olds and aged buffalo, were driven in from the Blackfeet reservation Saturday, having been cut out from the Allard herd for Mr. C. E. Conrad, who purchased the bunch from the former … Read more

Austin Corbin Park

Austin Corbin II July 11, 1827 – June 4, 1896 His life – New England Historical Society 1888 Mr. Corbin conceived the idea of placing buffalo on his game preserve for  the purpose of saving and perpetuating the species, he purchased twelve calves, six bulls and six heifers from the which C.J. Jones had that year. He acquired them that same year from Major Samuel I. Bedson of Winnipeg, Canada This was known as the Stoney Mountain herd, being northern buffalo.   In 1890 Austin Corbin II founded a 26,000-acre preserve. Corbin Park, or the Blue Mountain Forest and Game Preserve (also known as the … Read more

Branding Bison

If you are considering this, please contact your state for requirements.  Consider The Codes-Branding-NFACC (Nation Farm Animal Care Council)            About Freeze Branding             Importing Bison- USDA                Sage Journals – Branding Bison   1889 The Last Of The Buffaloes- Branding Bison A Hunting Party Starts Out in Wyoming to Capture Them The Laramie Republican says the buffalo-hunting expedition organized in that city includes J. C. Robbins, Jack Hills, John Woodruff, and Frank Kelly, who are accompanied by a couple of the most expert lassoers in the country. Their object is not to slaughter the herd but to lasso them … Read more

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

1907 Buffalo Tracks Where did the buffalo at Wichita come From?   THE WICHITA BISON HERD. Presented to the Nation by the New York Zoological Society. It seems strange that the East should undertake the task of restoring to a permanent basis in the West an important wild-animal species that was destroyed by the men of the West. Greed and blood-lust is not, like the tariff, a local issue. It is thoroughly cosmopolitan. Wherever there is found an abundance of wild animal life, there will be found also the buzzards of commerce-destroying life and wrecking” carcasses. It was the men … Read more


The Plains Cree Current News :Herds were recently released to the Poundmaker Cree Nation and Onion Lake. Poundmaker received 21 bison from Elk Island through Parks Canada. Onion Lake received 33 bison in February, 2021. (additional Nations also received bison this year)   1690 On the Canadian prairies, Henry Kelsey, reported that the Cree called these noble animals Thatanka, which the English of his day called “buffillo.” More appropriately, “buffillo” were actually bison, but since first sighted by Europeans, the name buffalo stuck in common parlance.   The Plains Cree: An Ethnographic, Historical, and Comparative Study, Volume (In this book, … Read more

Southern Plains Pointers: July 2016

Southern Plains Pointers July 2016 What The Heck – Is – Going On Out There? (!) This is the time of year that we need to know stuff, as opposed to assuming stuff, about how our herd is weathering the dog days of summer in the southern plains.  The dynamics include ambient temperature, nutritional profile of the plant community and, of course, parasites. Late summer worming can help with a few things that are interconnected and directly affect the herds’ ability to remain sustainable. Always question what you see this time of year. The examples of what you should be … Read more

For the Love of Texas Bison and Texas Craft Beer

For the Love of Texas Bison and Texas Craft Beer by Dan Humphries  Bull Dancer Bison Ranch As a bison rancher that sells grass fed bison meat and also products in the craft beer industry I want to share the excitement in the Texas Craft Beer industry by a paring of Texas Bison Meat and Texas Craft Beers.  I have worked with many Craft Breweries and have included 3 links on the last page to help you do some fun research and find your favorite local craft brewer to choose your favorite brew to pare with your 4th of July … Read more


Texas Natives At last the end of 35 days, Coronado determined to send his army home and take a special squad of 30 horsemen and go on to the wonderful country of which the Turk had spoken and called Quivira, and which the local Indians said was to the north,  yet 40 days. Back the army went nearer way than the Turk had led it out,  for it was guided now for 11 days till it came to the Pecos valley be certain tribes found hunting bison on these plains. These Indians were called Tejas or Texas,  and though they … Read more

Advertising Brands

Old Buffalo Advertising Brands & Ads   1759 (Map ornament showing a Native family and a large bison, a pelican perched on a rock below, and above, two Natives pour water from a cornucopia, a opossum hangs by its tail from the border)   Gunpowder Ad 1850   No. 11 Trade Mark circa 1856   Music Cover by Howard Glydon 1863   Buffalo Smoking Tobacco circa 1868    Buffalo Brand Trademark  1868   Double-Warp Velocipede Brand circa 1869   Arkansas Plaids circa 1869   Prairie Fire Brand, Double Warp Alpaca circa 1870’s Possibly sometime between 1860-1880’s Trademark stamp found on … Read more