For the Love of Texas Bison and Texas Craft Beer

For the Love of Texas Bison and Texas Craft Beer
by Dan Humphries 

Bull Dancer Bison Ranch

As a bison rancher that sells grass fed bison meat and also products in the craft beer industry I want to share the excitement in the Texas Craft Beer industry by a paring of Texas Bison Meat and Texas Craft Beers.  I have worked with many Craft Breweries and have included 3 links on the last page to help you do some fun research and find your favorite local craft brewer to choose your favorite brew to pare with your 4th of July Bison Burger (or bison steak) cookout! 
July is National Bison month!  This is a great time to try bison meat if you are a first timer.


July is National Bison Month – so fire up the grill and indulge in Chef Kathy Cary’s Bison Blue Cheese Burgers.  These juicy burgers, made with delicious ground bison, come with a melted blue cheese surprise inside and are topped with grilled red onions and fennel.  Executive chef and owner of Lilly’s in Louisville, Kentucky, Cary has featured her popular bison burger for two consecutive National Bison Month celebrations.  With this burger specialty your BBQ guests will eagerly come back for seconds – just as they do at Lilly’s.

1 1/2 lbs.   ground bison
2 Tbs.   good quality Dijon mustard
2 Tbs.   roasted & chopped shallots & garlic
2 red onions sliced
balsamic vinegar
2 bulbs fennel sliced

1 tsp.    Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
splash  extra virgin olive oil
                kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste, good quality blue cheese or Roquefort
Combine all ingredients and form 6 patties adding approximately 1
teaspoon of blue cheese into the center of each patty.   Grill to order. Serve with rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade coleslaw.  Serves 6
2 sliced red onions drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar.  Grill until tender.
2 bulbs of fennel, sliced & sauteed until tender.
Toss the onions & fennel together and place on bison burger.

Chef Kathy Cary
Food Photography:  Jason McConathy
Recipe Styling:  Cook Street School of Fine Cooking – Denver, CO

Thank you all and God Bless American and Our Troops!