<< Previous  Next>> / Salt Lake Telegram Salt Lake City Utah Jan 9, 1921 SHOOTING THE BISON The news dispatches carry a story of the arrival this week of a of “sportsmen” from Los Angeles, who, for a consideration of $200 each, may shoot one of the bison in the herd now located on Antelope island. Those who love the virile history of the United States and especially the West must be proud of file present generation. At the same time, there must be a feeling of regret that the last of a noble animal tribe must come to such … Read more

Southern Plains Bison Pointers Aug 2017

  Bison Parasitology Programs   2017 has dealt us with an interesting August.  We’ve seen rain and relatively cooler ‘dawg-day’ temperatures intermittently. The grass is jumping, and out-running the herds, and the livin’ is easy. This has also made for an interesting southern plains summer in other regards. The plant community has become atypical. So you might be asking at this point; can’t this guy ever ‘just be happy?’ and I would agree with that reaction while laughing with you, and/but! It is the charge of a habitat/ ranch/ farm manager for bison to look (and) see. Keep in mind … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: March 2016

Southern Plains Pointers March 2016 Green-Up Green-up happens early in the southern plains bringing diversity in the available food for your herd that may not catch your attention. Many become selectable during fleeting successions, while other plants seem to dominate the landscape and by now; look like ‘emerald waves of gain’ [sorry] for those operations blessed with strong cool-season habitats. Another thing that explodes this time of year is parasites. Don’t stress out too much, just keep an eye out and react if need be to the onset of parasite loads. Personally I watch the front end or ‘hump’ for … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Sept 2015

It’s Official! Texas and the southern plains are back in a drought. Just last spring, we were literally under water. Some regions are becoming severe while others are just dang dusty. Unfortunately, the drought is hitting southern plains bison herds at the worst time of year for health and reproduction. Some bison will be resilient on their own, while others will depend on the human element for health.  This year what’s happening is a perfect storm for causing unhappy bison producers for the following reasons. 1] Excessive rains [understatement] in the spring propelled excessive parasites in the habitats. We had … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: July 2015

Out where the buffalo roam, the mating season is marked by behaviors and sounds of territorial declaration. In my travels across the southern plains – breeding season normally begins now, and is evidenced by deep loud vocalizations, as well as a change in the attitude of otherwise un-aggressive bulls. All the sudden, the bull that acted like your ‘buddy’ for a cube, is looking at you differently while he multitasks reacting to the politics of the herd that includes uncooperative cows and competition for them as mates. In multi-sire herds, each and every bull is up against the same circumstance … Read more