Southern Plains Bison: Sept 2015

It’s Official! Texas and the southern plains are back in a drought. Just last spring, we were literally under water. Some regions are becoming severe while others are just dang dusty. Unfortunately, the drought is hitting southern plains bison herds at the worst time of year for health and reproduction. Some bison will be resilient on their own, while others will depend on the human element for health.  This year what’s happening is a perfect storm for causing unhappy bison producers for the following reasons. 1] Excessive rains [understatement] in the spring propelled excessive parasites in the habitats. We had … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Mar 2014

Spring has sprung and it won’t be long before it’s “raining red-dots” across the southern plains. There are a few points of interest in preparing for a new generation of American icons. The lush spring green explosion in the south can be less mineralized than the harder grasses during the warm-season, or summer. Micro minerals like copper have a direct impact to uterine tone and function. I like to make sure that a good mineral supplement, formulated for breeding stock in my area, is readily accessible to the bison herd prior to calving season to reduce the occurrence of calving … Read more

Bison & the Anthropogenic Reality

                                                          “Cool-Aid v.s. Real-i-Tea”                                                                     An Eon or two ago, the North American pre-man wild-scape developed a thing called grass. It thrived and adapted into a decadent indigenous member of the ecological community. It was a literal sea of life, un-managed and virtually un-interrupted and must have appeared as if beauty were the objective. According to the laws of nature, which are frustrating to yet another decadent indigenous or not depending … Read more