Colonel Dodge

Richard Irving Dodge (May 19, 1827 – June 16, 1895) was a colonel in the United States Army. Dodge was born in North Carolina and died after a long and successful career in the U.S. Army. He began as a cadet in 1844 and retired as a Colonel May 19, 1891. Dodge was Aide-De-Camp to General William Tecumseh Sherman from 1881–1882. In the second publishing of his memoirs General Sherman wrote, “… the vacancy made by Colonel McCook was filled by Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Irving Dodge, Twenty-third Infantry then serving at a cantonment on the Upper Canadian—an officer who had performed cheerfully and well a … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> / / Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls, Texas Jan 14 1913 New Herd of Bison of Interest to Scientists WASHINGTON –Government scientists in Washington displayed real interest in a dispatch from Winnipeg a few days ago, announcing that Harry V Radford, the American explorer had discovered more than 350 (? 850) wild buffalo in the Slave lake district of the Hudson Bay country. The wild buffalo of the American plains are gone and nothing remains of them save a few museum and zoological park specimens. Outside of the national zoological park in Washington, the Bronx Zoo, in … Read more

Wood Bison

Most all Wood Bison are in Canada  (Bison bison athabascae)    Population survey shows that Alaska’s Wood bison herd is healthy and growing. December 27, 2022 by Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks  The herd was started in 2015 with the transplant of 130 animals from Alberta, Canada. The bison suffered significant losses in 2018 and 2020 due to heavy snows, winter rains, and late springs, but better weather over the last two years has seen a rebound with record and near-record calf production. “The minimum count of bison out there was about 150, so the population grew about 45% in this last … Read more