<< Previous Next >> The Los Angeles Times Los Angeles California Apr 21 1930  Baby Bison Born in County Park TULARE, April 20. If counting bisons was one of the tasks of the census enumerator s they could chalk up another one for Tulare county. A bison calf born recently to a bison cow at Mooney Grove, the Tulare County Park between Visalia and Tulare, brings the county’s total to four. Weighing about the same as a Jersey calf and closely resembling one. the new addition appears a healthy specimen. The infant bison has been attracting major portion of the attention … Read more


<< Previous Next >> Santa Ana Register Santa Ana, California Mar 2 1929 America Makes Some New Animals The peculiar creature at the right . . . looks like the sacred zebu of India but has three sixty-fourths cattle blood. It’s parents are sketched above and at the right. By Frank Thone In the old west, the hard-riding, hard-hitting, hard- drinking west, where you called a man “pardner” on sight and bought him a drink, it was not considered good form to have curiosity concerning where a man came from, or to inquire overmuch into his ancestry or antecedents. The great … Read more


<< Previous Next >> Tesuque buffalo dancers Edward S. Curtis 1927 LOC   Grand Canyon Bison Herd In 1927 the herd was sold to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and continued to reside in House Rock Valley. This land was later designated as the House Rock Valley Wildlife Area under the management of U.S. Forest Service. The Arizona Game and Fish Department was then responsible for managing the bison population at House Rock Wildlife Area through roundups and controlled hunting.     The Evening Sun Baltimore Maryland Jan 17 1927 Nature’s Notebook – Wisent When the Spaniards and the French’ … Read more