<< Previous  Next>> / After The Swim -N.A. Forsyth- Montana Memory.org 1908 / The Inter Ocean Jan 12, 1908 Will the Buffalo Survive? ……The American bison, or so-called buffalo, is peculiar to this continent. Its story is inseparable from that of the Indian and of the American pioneer. It provided food, clothing and even fuel, for the explorers and early settlers of the great plains. If it had not been there their work would have been more difficult and their hardships greater. It had a vital part in “The Winning of the West.” The bison once roamed in countless herds … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> /   Guardian London, Greater London , England April 21 1897 Mr Whitney writes: There does not seem to be much difficulty in destroying the musk ox when once you have arrived in this country; if not a stupid beast, which the Indians seem to deny, he is at least and inexperienced one, and, knowing more about wolves than men, devotes his attention rather to the dogs then the hunter. Before reaching the Barren Grounds proper Mr. Whitney made an excursion after wood-bison, but failed for the same reason as Mr. Pike – that is, through the … Read more