<< Previous  Next>> Butte, Montana by J. A. Elliot / “A Daring Act” by E.M. Hegglund Pierre S.D. / “American Bison. New York Zoological Park” “Copyrighted – New York Zoological Society, Publishers. Quadri-Color Co., New York” Original vintage color lithograph postcard, c. 1910 On Loan from the Galerii / / Daily Press Wisconsin Feb 16 1910 BUFFALO RAPIDLY BECOMING EXTINCT ……It is probably that during the present session of congress there be a renewal of the effort to have the national government establish and maintain a herd of American bison, or buffaloes as the nucleus for the preservation of this picturesque … Read more


<< Previous  Next>>   1909  The White House Theodore Roosevelt ordered the carvings on the main stone mantel be changed from lions to North American bison heads.   / / The Scranton Republican Scranton, Pennsylvania Jan 9, 1909 CARE OF THE BUFFALO Not so many years ago the youth of this country was inspired by thrilling stories of buffalo hunts. It was one of the most fruitful themes that was ready for the hand of the cheap sensationalist. But the bison, as it is called, no longer roams the western wilds at will. Demand for buffalo robes practically resulted in … Read more