I have reached out to the zoo to see if they still have the bison…waiting to hear back BELGRADE:  May 2018 -One of the world’s rarest animals – a white bison – has been born at Belgrade Zoo, officials said. The calf, named Dušanka, was born on Monday and trotted around her enclosure in “good health”, according to the zoo’s veterinarian. “According to my information, no other (American) white bison has been born in Europe,” veterinarian Jožef Ezveđ said. “Her father Jovan (a white bison) came to us in 2007, imported from America when he was still very young, practically … Read more

White Buffalo

 The Once Rare -White Buffalo   Throughout history, I have read about white buffalo sightings or buffalo with white spots. I have also read many times about domestic cattle running with a herd of wild bison. Some ranchers today believe that bison will not naturally cross with cattle when roaming together. Animals do one thing very well and that is breed. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with.” (song by Stephen Stills} Personally I am not a fan of the forced crosses. It does absolutely nothing to promote our bison. What all these … Read more