What part of the bison was used?

What did the Indians use from the buffalo? Natives & Whites The Indians used almost every piece of the buffalo in one way or another. “It gave its life so Indians could live. The buffalo’s generosity provided Indians with food and shelter. Indian people modeled the buffalo’s generosity, and it became fundamental to the economy of the American Indian.” Richard B. Williams ~Oglala Lakota BONES – Knives-Awls-Quirts-Tableware-Tools-Shovel – Scrapers-Pipes-Saddle Tree- Fleshing Tool- Paint Brush-Splints- Arrowheads- War Clubs- Game Dice- Toys- Tools- Shields- Fertilizer-Sleds-Saddle Tree-Scrapers-Jewelry RAWHIDE – Containers-Shields-Buckets-Moccasins-Drums-Splints-Mortar-Cinch-Ropes-Sheath-Saddle-Saddle Blanket-Stirrups-Bull Boats-Masks-Par Fleche-Ornaments-Straps-Caps-Quirt-Snowshoes-Water Trough HORNS – Arrow Points-Cups-Fire Carrier-Powder Horn-Spoons-Ladle-Headdress-Signal-Toys-Medication-Scoop-Comb [According to Arlene … Read more