Bison Ecology

About the artist, Wes Olson; Wes Olson’s thirty-five years of working intimately with bison―and featuring Johane Janelle’s stunning photography― The Ecological Buffalo: On The Trail Of A Keystone Species  is a story that takes the reader on a journey to understand the myriad connections this keystone species has with the Great Plains.  About 300 pages of Bison Ecology, easy-to-understand information about our bison and their role in the ecosystem, along with the most incredible images and drawings to guide us through this journey of understanding. (5 Stars)  Snippet: The mere mention of the buffalo instantly brings to mind the vast herds that … Read more

Bison Biology- Facts About Bison

Bison Anatomy             Bison Ecology                      Did you know?               Bison Parasitology Are Bison and Buffalo the same?   Bison or American Bison often called ‘buffalo” or American Buffalo. Although it’s not correct, it’s an old habit formed from the first explorers seeing them and referring to them as an Ox type animal. See: Did you know?    “Buffalo” is a completely different animal than Bison, people are thinking of the Water Buffalo, also called domestic water buffalo or Asian water buffalo, as a large bovid originating in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, … Read more