Southern Plains Bison: June 2016

Southern Plains Pointers: June 2016 Heat, Flies & Get Ready! The dog-days of summer in the southern plains are hot (!) and full of things that need management before they get out of control. One of those things is flies, but it can be hard to know how to address the problem with available methods designed for beef and dairy cattle. There are readily available products and technologies, but I recommend consulting a knowledgeable bison rancher or experienced bison veterinarian before deciding on a method of killing flies. The other noteworthy reality about bison and flies; is that they are … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: June 2015

Lots of grass, plenty of water; what could go wrong? Right? This year is different than many of the past, and in many ways including any normalcy in nature. We can expect that our native-grazers might also be a bit more mysterious if we don’t observe diligently – ascertain and react. I think the best way to accomplish this is to observe the herd, and their behaviors, with attention to how content they seem. The answers your looking for come in questions: 1] Compared to the herds history; are they consuming an inordinate amount of mineral? 2] Are they getting … Read more

Southern Plains Pointers – Bison Management Tips

June 2013 It’s July in the southern plains and getting hot! This is the time of year that stresses bison in the south most of all. During times of dealing with heat stress, can come a reduced capacity for resisting herd health antagonists which are ever-present and poised to invade. From the end of June until November, we need to be on our toes and watch for changes in body-scores in our bison. In the south, we have a very explosive end of the cool season forages and minor changes in body scores may be observed as the plentiful spring … Read more