Southern Plains Bison Pointers Oct 2017

Bizy-bizy-bizy!    November is fast and busy with the business of planning for winter, marketing, and herd health management strategies. If you missed the fall planting season in the southern plains, you will need to plan for hay and other nutritional supplementation for bison herds. If you (did) plant during the fall ‘dust-in’ season – you’re probably either waiting for a rain or re-planting because of armyworms. It’s nature and there are no victims, only outcomes – and no ‘crying’ in baseball. That being said, and painfully true, the more native habitats are likely emerging for the cool season with … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: June 2016

Southern Plains Pointers: June 2016 Heat, Flies & Get Ready! The dog-days of summer in the southern plains are hot (!) and full of things that need management before they get out of control. One of those things is flies, but it can be hard to know how to address the problem with available methods designed for beef and dairy cattle. There are readily available products and technologies, but I recommend consulting a knowledgeable bison rancher or experienced bison veterinarian before deciding on a method of killing flies. The other noteworthy reality about bison and flies; is that they are … Read more