I have reached out to the zoo to see if they still have the bison…waiting to hear back BELGRADE:  May 2018 -One of the world’s rarest animals – a white bison – has been born at Belgrade Zoo, officials said. The calf, named Dušanka, was born on Monday and trotted around her enclosure in “good health”, according to the zoo’s veterinarian. “According to my information, no other (American) white bison has been born in Europe,” veterinarian Jožef Ezveđ said. “Her father Jovan (a white bison) came to us in 2007, imported from America when he was still very young, practically … Read more

Canada History

Pages: 1 2 Henry Kellsey, a factor of the Hudson Bay Company, in a report of his explorations in the far west of Canada, in 1691, tells of his party sighting buffalo in large numbers. A few years later this explorer became the first white buffalo hunter on the plains of western Canada. He tells that everywhere the Indians were slaughtering, taking only the choice pieces and leaving the greater portion of each slain body to the wolves which followed in large bands. The Saturday News May 21, 1914    In 1786 statistics show that over 705,000 skins were exported from Québec … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Feb 2015

February in the Southern Plains is a time for questions and checking the management-boxes for preparedness to leave the herd alone throughout the calving season. Some of those questions and boxes are: Am I feeding them too much in the last trimester?   Is my mineral program up to speed? Do I have an orphan kit organized?   Are my herd populations in balance with my grass through July/August?   Does the herd ‘appear’ healthy?   Personally I don’t like handling or changing up the populations during the calving season. The less we impact their world while they are calving, … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: April 2014

Spring has most definitely sprung and it’s ‘raining red-dots’. For me; it’s miraculous and one of my favorite times of the year. Just the other day I was working on a round-to-it with the herd off in the distance, but well in sight. It was late afternoon and turning into early evening.  My hands were occupied with menial task, while I contemplated things that were complicated to me for no reason and to no pragmatic end.  All at once the herd emerged from its afternoon hibernation, set off by a red-dot chain reaction of running and playing for no reason … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Feb 2014

   Green-up’s here! Yee-haw! What a great place to live if you’re a [Native Grazer] while your relatives in the north battle blue storms and last mile of what can only be referred to this year as a marathon winter.  Our green-up in the southern plains is very aggressive and prolific. Something else happens during the green-up, also aggressive and prolific… worms! The land of early spring-plenty is also the land of early internal parasite attack. This preemptive parasite strike on your bison, will not visibly take its toll on body-score and health until just before the breeding season.  Just … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Jan 2014

Well… we got hit early and the assault continues as old man winter takes toll on, and tasks survival of the southern plains. We’ve only got another 20-30 days of having to put up with his polar rant. Food plots will re-emerge and bolster the nutritional regime for southern plains bison by mid march, after which it will turn into a stocking rate problem by not having enough grazers to manage the bounty. For now: we are simply charged with watching body score, feeding when necessary and letting them do [their thing] and make it through, which they will. It’s … Read more