Southern Plains Bison Pointers March 2018

Get Ready – Get Set – Stop!   Bison are unique in that they are tended-wildlife in production models that require some management (and) they require some, ‘being left alone’. Some herds in the southern plains are still engaged in herd-works for good reason, but it’s time to wrap things up and give them the benefit of our absence for the calving season. One of the reasons for working this late is a clean spring green-up with regard to pasture deposits of internal parasite L3 Larvae. A good clean up this time of year can get your herd off to … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Nov 2014

  Making the Hard Decisions Easier  Well…. Here it comes again – the season of change, with some for bison – forever. In the southern plains, winter does not have to be dead and dormant, but if we are not busy in September and October, we may not find ourselves in the bounty of ‘Happy-November’ with winter forage. Either way it’s all about feed. Knowing values and how they plug into equations will make things easier to manage with confidence. An example of this is your hay. You say you have hay, but what does it represent to the nutritional regime … Read more