Southern Plains Bison Pointers July 2019

Fly Control for Bison Buffalo Wallows (DE) Diatomaceous Earth and Bison   – Natural-world solutions to natural-world problems – Prepared by: Frasier Bison LLC There are many ways to approach fly control to the benefit of your herd. Most approaches are direct and broad spectrum, such as pyrethroid application. These products kill most, or all flying insects as well as others. It works very well if you are not concerned about a broad spectrum insect eradication.   Common Sense Caution: Bison are not cattle and have a double hair coat resulting in more hair follicle per square inch. Therefore; we … Read more

The Buzz about Natural Fly Control

Natural Fly Control June 2013 I’m sure you enjoy annoying flies and nuisance neighbors as much as I do.  House flies, stable flies, face flies and biting flies are synanthropic pests of the muscidae family that can build up into a population explosion almost overnight due to a 5 day life cycle in the warmer months.  From an ecological point of view, they are a ‘gift from heaven’ to the entire food chain as many species consider them a delicacy.  When you are the bottom of the food chain your survival strategy is to reproduce rapidly.  As is often the case, we humans … Read more