Southern Plains Bison Pointers Oct 2016

Don’t believe what you see! Ghosts, goblins and other miniature versions of superheroes and villains will be everywhere tonight, but they’re not real! – Just fyi (!) The other thing that may not be real is the grass you see when you look out across the field. The transitional period in Texas and the southern plains can vary widely and is often deceiving whereas the cool season is just getting started and the warm season is in a dried back, or late stage, with very little feed value.  The other very deceiving thing is pastures that are exotic like Coastal … Read more

Southern Plains Bison: Oct 2013

National Bison Day Resolution This month I would like to shift the focus of my comments from managing herds, to managing destiny as a bison producer and/or bison-species restoration partner. You may have already read;it’s official that November 2nd is now National Bison Day! Woohooo – yee-haw and job well [done]right? From my perspective: wrong! The job has only just begun. Senate Resolution 254 only begins the arduous task of accomplishing the Bison Legacy Act at some point in the future. There has been a great deal of interaction and discussion among and between the communities that now make up a very dynamic and … Read more