Bison Welfare

Code of Practice – Canada – National Farm Animal Care Council The Bison Advantage – National Bison Assoc. South Dakota State University – Animal Health & Welfare Buffalo Handling Requirements – T. Grandin & J. Lanier Training American Bison (Bison bison) Calves – Grandin, Lanier, Chaffin, and T.Chaffin, CSU   American Bison Welfare –Walking (With) Wild Things American bison management is mostly a hands-off-operation. They are a remnant species which reminds us that progress comes in many forms including learning to Walk-With-Wild-Things. They mostly benefit from our absence while we provide them the prairies, and pastures we feel privileged to grant … Read more

Southern Plains Bison Pointers-June2017

  It’s Hot Out   The heat lamp is on which means everything changes for our herds. One of the things that changes are decisions we make about animal-ops and how we consider their well-being affected by the ambient temperature.  When the heat rises so does stress, and that leads to additional ‘weakness’, or reduced resilience. This means we do as little ‘with them’ as possible that involves handling or creating any hardship cycles in the habitat. It’s Texas and the Southern Plains and there is no relief, even in the evening. This can be the reason for late-born calves … Read more