History of Legislation

History of Legislation for the Protection of the Bison. 1816-John Jacob Astor persuaded congress to act on the subject at once. A law was passed, and approved by the president on April 29, 1816, forbidding American authorities to issue licenses to foreigners to trade with the Indians within the territorial limits of the United States, “unless by express direction of the president . . . and upon such terms and conditions as the public interests may, in his opinion, require.”  Any foreigner caught in the Indian country without a passport was to be fined not less than fifty dollars nor … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> / 1882~Buffalo Hunting in Montana,  Courtesy of the Hanyes Foundation Collection, Montana Historical Society, Helena MT. / Democrat Chronicle Rochester New York, Feb 5 1882 FOR PROTECTION OF GAME A bill has been introduced in the house making it unlawful to kill elk, deer, antelope, buffalo, mountain sheep or bison in the territories under any pretext whatsoever, except for food, and then only when necessary for humans subsistence. / The Buffalo Commercial Buffalo, New York Feb 16, 1882 –By Imperial permission, a bison hunt was recently organized in the neighborhood of Balostock, in Russia, and two bison … Read more