<< Previous  Next>> The Inter Ocean, April 10 1893 IS NOT A SUCCESS Proposed Exhibition of Cross-bred Bison at the Fair Abandoned LARAMIE, Wyo., April 9 – Special Telegram – J.H.Huson, who started a Buffalo ranch on the plains, forty miles from here last fall, has been forced to abandon the project of exhibiting a cross-bred bunch of bison at the World’s Fair. His breeding stock was a thoroughbred buffalo bull and eight specially selected Durham cows. The calves died soon after birth and in each case the mothers followed within ten days. / The Sedalia Weekly Bazoo Sedalia, Missouri … Read more


1890 Sturgis Dakota Terr.

<< Previous  Next>> 1890 Bison History          Photo by J. Grabill / Jonesboro Leader N.C. Jan 8, 1890 HOW BISON WERE EXTERMINATED As the Indians hunted them the run of bison would probably have lasted forever, writes Dr. Carver, but about 1866 the white men turned their attention to the shaggy monsters of the plains. Large Eastern firms organize hunting parties and paid the shooters $2.50 for each bison where he lay dead on the plains. I then went to southern Nebraska and became a professional hunter. The bison consisted of two large divisions, the one living … Read more