<< Previous Next >> The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln, Nebraska Feb 21, 1932 Last Nebraska Buffalo Hunter relates Narrow Escapes of Early Bison Hunts BY JOHN H. KEARNES. IN RELATION to contemporaneous history, Nebraska is so youthful that it seems incredible that the army of professional buffalo hunters, who once followed the thundering herds across her plains in a war of extermination against the shaggy beasts, should now be reduced to practically the last man. But after tireless investigation and searching correspondence during the past few years, John W. Cranmer, 81, of Auburn, is forced to that conclusion, and also to … Read more

Hide Hunters Explained

Buffalo Guns & Skinners   This account is about just a couple of men, when often times the hunter groups were much larger and could contain up to several teams in one camp. It explains how they did things and why. It puts a more human side to try and understand “how could they?” Make no mistake, so often the act of hide hunting was very cruel, you can read the stories as I have, through the years.  Forsyth wrote: “Thus for centuries they lived in peace and contentment. But alas for the Buffalo, his woolly hide was worth about … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> Wholesale Slaughter Nashville Union Jan 6 1874 Wholesale Slaughter With reference to the wholesale slaughter of buffalo on the plains, a Western paper says: Mr. Lessing estimates that there are at least two thousand hunters in camp along there waiting for buffalo. He came across one party of sixteen, who stated that they killed twenty-eight thousand buffaloes during the past summer, the hides of which only were utilized. If sixteen hunters can kill this many animals, how great must be the slaughter upon the broad extent of the bison range? Evidently millions of the animals must have … Read more