<< Previous Next >> The Los Angeles Times Los Angeles California Apr 21 1930  Baby Bison Born in County Park TULARE, April 20. If counting bisons was one of the tasks of the census enumerator s they could chalk up another one for Tulare county. A bison calf born recently to a bison cow at Mooney Grove, the Tulare County Park between Visalia and Tulare, brings the county’s total to four. Weighing about the same as a Jersey calf and closely resembling one. the new addition appears a healthy specimen. The infant bison has been attracting major portion of the attention … Read more

DROUGHT May 2014

DROUGHT “Charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it.”  There’s always a drought lurking around the corner, it seems.  How you prepare for and manage it will go far in the price you pay at the end.  Personally, I believe in thinking and planning over spray, pray and pay agriculture. Here in Texas, ranch life is ruled by the weather. I grew up dryland farming and ranching through some pretty humbling droughts that caused us to get innovative in our drought survival strategies.  Most of our place was a sand dune to start with and we’d watch … Read more