Southern Plains Bison Pointers February 2018

  Pasture Management   February in the south can be hard to set your planning calendar by. We can have lots of moisture cycle extremes and the best plan is to be ready for anything. Much of the drought-stricken areas have experienced relief, while some are still waiting. This reality can make it hard to know how to plan your AU’s (Animal Units) for the habitat/ farm/ ranch. Personally, I suggest to folks that you plan for what you have, intentionally under-stock, and keep track of that balance. The equation that will serve you well is; (Land first) /( bison … Read more

Southern Plains Bison Pointers April 2017

Calving Season Tips & Texas Bison Week   Tis the season to be cautious and reject the human tendency to over-attend nature. That’s easy to say, but hard to do with your money on the table and your compassion for the animals turned up too high trying to be a good caretaker. Personally; I have a few rules for myself that make things easier to deal with. Rule #1: never cause suffering or allow it. Rule #2: Do what you can – and leave the rest to good ole Mom Nature. Bison, whether ranched or other, are still very much … Read more