Bison Conservation Among Native Americans

  Bison Conservation Among Native Tribes   I have been having trouble finding documents on the efforts of Natives to protect the land and life, I know they had to exist. All I could find were cases where the government would say one thing and do another or dismiss any arguments made by Natives.  I reached out to Jason Baldes for some insight.  The Wind River Tribes established the first wilderness/roadless area 26 years before the Wilderness Act, of 1938. Game Code enacted in 1984, reintroduced pronghorn Antelope and bighorn sheep. Wolf and grizzly bear protections in 90’s, and bison … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> / The Pittsburg Sun Pittsburg,  Kansas Jan 17, 1922 Entertain Boy Scouts (extract) The merit badges Boy Scouts of Pittsburg were guests of Oscar Ward at his home on West  Washington avenue. Saturday night. Mr. Ward will leave tomorrow on a hunting trip and will hunt bison on Buffalo Island in Salt Lake. He told the boys the history of his hunting trips, showing his guns and skins. / Concordia Blade-Empire Concordia, Kansas Jan 25, 1922 FIND BONES OF BISON Part of Skeleton Is Dug Up by Bridge Builders SALINA, Jan. 25. – Part of the bones … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> / Manitoba Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba Can Jan 2 1884 SL Bedson bison herd /   / The Daily Republican Monongahela, Pennsylvania Mar 22 1884 THE BISON CHASE The prairie stretches on, and on, a boundless, bellowing see! As free as Rovers of the main, are gallant steeds and we! Then ho! hillo! Draw well the girth, knot tight strong for fast far we o! Aye, ready, comrades? Ready all! The day is just begun- Hurrah! Rare sport we’ll see, I ween, before the set of sun! Then ho! hillo! Our horses sniff the clear, crisp air … Read more