American Bison in Mexico   Photos are owned and taken by Javier Carrera he can be reached on Instagram @heyjavoo   (Like most images on this site, they are clickable) Thank you, Javier, for showing us the beauty of bison in Chihuahua, Mexico             April 7 2020 – 19 bison successfully arrived, with which these specimens were finally placed in Coahuilense lands. ( The task has not been easy, for the success of this project, Conanp thanks the Coahuila Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Urban Development and Ecology of the Government of Chihuahua, CEMEX, … Read more


<< Previous  Next>> OREGON EXPEDITION North Star Danville, Vermont 04 Feb 1833 1831-1840 To the Editor of the Daily Advocate. Sir. You are perhaps aware, that a company of men left this neighbor-hood in the early part of last spring, with the intention of proceeding by land to the Columbia river. I chanced lately to meet with a young man, who had made one of the party, and who, after having accomplished the greater part of the journey, was deterred by the snowy cliff-of the Rocky Mountains, and in company with several others, retraced the wild and weary way to … Read more