Horned War Bonnet or Headdress

The American History site: Buffalo headdresses were usually worn by warriors. Buffalo headdresses were made using buffalo’s horns, fur, and tail. This type of headdress was important for ceremonial and spiritual celebrations. Only well-known male warriors wore buffalo headdress. Only a few Native Indians wore this horned headdress because only a few tribes used this and only warriors of particular clans or people who had accomplished brave deeds can wear bison horns. James Adair-1775  “History of the American Indian.” (providing a survey of southern Indian history from the 1740s through the 1760s, particularly the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and Choctaw) I … Read more

Metal Works

  Click here to see the metal works bison sculpture. “Demise” or “Savior”     Bison Fire Pit Wagon – $350.00 One of my latest creations, being offered for sale. It’s probably close to 80% re-purposed materials. The pit comes off the wagon. Each wheel is removable with a key pin. The front axle also can be removed. Handle hooks in the tongue and is built also to be used as a fire poker. Front axle pivots for easy maneuvering. The short tongue can be lifted and easily pinned out of the way. A plasma cutter was used to cut … Read more